In A Dubai Minute With Wonho Chung

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Catch up with the latest in Dubai with our new comedy series ‘In a Dubai Minute’

Keep up to date with all the latest events in Dubai with our new series, titled ‘In a Dubai Minute’, showing in Arabic and English.  

The first episode features critically acclaimed comedian Wonho Chung, widely considered the “first Arabic speaking stand-up comedian in the Middle East".

Wonho, who is half South Korean and half Vietnamese, had a completely Arab upbringing. He came to fame as part of the acclaimed "Axis of Evil comedy tour", which spawned a two-time award-winning TV series. He is widely considered a huge inspiration for Arabic stand-up comedy in our region.

The first episode sees Wonho get ready for the races, shop for a wedding dress and dabble as a painter in Dubai. He will feature in several other upcoming episodes of ‘In a Dubai Minute’ as well as other guest hosts.

Watch the first episode in Arabic or English or subscribe to our youtube channel to be the first to see the latest episode of our monthly round up of events ‘In A Dubai Minute’

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