Living in Dubai means having access to both traditional experiences and a modern, high standard of living. World-class shopping, a rich array of dining options, a huge choice of leisure facilities, long stretches of beach and great entertainment that will award you a packed calendar of events — the list of attractions is a long one. It’s easy to get around the city, as well as explore surrounding areas. If you’re moving here long term, you’ll discover a multitude of desirable neighbourhoods and a vast choice of housing options.

Dubai also offers a unique culture unlike anywhere else in the world, from the clean, efficient and air-conditioned metro to the stunning and eternal desert. Located near exciting cities like Abu Dhabi and ancient settlements like the Al Ain Oasis, as well as the beautiful coast and dramatic fjords of Fujairah and the Musandam Peninsula.

Dubai is ranked as the world’s second most important international shopping destination worldwide after London, according to CBRE, the global real estate group. From traditional souk markets to shopping malls, our shopping scene offers something for everyone, from the latest electronic products to traditional gifts.

Catering to over 200 nationalities, it’s not surprising that Dubai serves up a complete spread of global cuisines, from Indian and Peruvian, to French and Vietnamese, and every flavor in between. It seems that new restaurants are constantly opening, while celebrity and Michelin-starred chefs are increasingly choosing Dubai to introduce the world to their delicacies.

But of course, while we are renowned for our fine dining and extravagant, popular Friday brunch buffets, it’s important to remember that our dining experience spreads well beyond the five-star hotels. Venture into Old Dubai — to the streets of Deira and Satwa — for some delicious, fresh Indian dishes; enjoy café life in the city’s numerous casual eateries; have your fill in the vast food courts — and don’t forget to try the local Emirati specialties too.

The warm waters of the Arabian Gulf lapping onto the golden sand all along Dubai’s coastline are a sun-lover’s haven, offering a relaxing and fun alternative to exploring the city. The beaches are a perfect playground for a whole range of beach games and water sports — all available year-round thanks to our guaranteed sunshine.

Arts & Culture
There is so much more to us than our iconic architectural landmarks and malls. We’re a proud cosmopolitan city where cultural and artistic talent is encouraged, celebrated, and applauded. Our city has a reputation for being one of the region’s leading centres for arts and culture, and Dubai is dedicated to nurturing local talent.

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