Our policy of investing heavily in transport, telecommunications, energy and industrial infrastructure means we can provide some of the best services and facilities in the world. This contributes significantly to Dubai’s on-going prosperity and attractiveness to international business. 

We’re continually injecting capital into education and healthcare, tourist facilities, electricity and water generation, telecommunications, ports and airports and other critical infrastructure. And we’re constantly constructing new roads, bridges and public transport systems where needed. According to the latest figures released in 2013 by Business Monitor International, it is estimated that the UAE is currently investing AED 213 billion (US$58 billion) on roads and bridges alone, including projects underway and in the planning stage. 

Among the benefits of Dubai’s infrastructure are: 

  • Free enterprise system 
  • Highly developed transport infrastructure 
  • State-of-the-art telecommunications 
  • Sophisticated financial and service sector 
  • Top international exhibition and conference venue 
  • High-quality office and residential accommodation 
  • Reliable power, utilities and other services 
  • First-class hotels, hospitals, schools and shops 
  • Cosmopolitan lifestyle 

For more information contact us: 

Tel: +971 [0] 4 282 1111
Fax: +971 [0] 4 282 1131
P.O. Box 594
Dubai - UAE

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