Key Emiratisation Task Force Milestones:

In 2002, 2003, and 2004, DTCM Training Solutions conducted the Hospitality Industry Career Development Summer Programmes (CDSP) for UAE national high school students and job seekers in coordination with the Emirates Academy for Hospitality Management (EAHM)

In October 2005, the DTCM Task Force and The National Human Resources Development and Employment Authority (TANMIA) launched the first Hospitality Industry MAHARAT training programme for UAE national job seekers focusing on ‘training-lead’ employment outcomes.
Subsequently the ENDP joined the programme as co-sponsor. Hospitality MAHARAT trainees are given ‘conditional employment’ offers prior to commencing training. On successful completion of the MAHARAT programme trainees are then given final employment contracts.

In May 2009, the IDAD Al MAHARAT programme was introduced with TANMIA, ENDP, and EAHM. The IDAD is different from the MAHARAT in that employment only occurs at the end of the programme not at the beginning. Job offer outcomes at the end of this programme have been high. A number of graduates were placed in hotels.

The Task Force trained 750 UAE nationals on the above three EAHM programmes. The number of UAE nationals working in the hospitality industry in Dubai has risen significantly as a result of the DTCM Task Force initiatives such as:

  • EAHM preparatory employment training programmes for UAE nationals – CDSP, Hospitality MAHARAT and IDAD AL MAHARAT programmes
  • Hospitality industry career awareness campaigns targeted at UAE nationals, for example: DTCM sponsored the Emiratisation Task Force for Tourism (ETFT) participation at UAE Careers Fairs every year, production of Hospitality MAHARAT promotional DVD, production of ETFT marketing collateral targeted at job seekers, regular ongoing DTCM ETFT meetings with the industry to plan and develop Emiratisation campaigns; best practice hospitality industry Emiratisation workshops targeted at hospitality industry managers.

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