Training and Development

1. Introduction 

We, at the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) focus on building and developing the capabilities of our employees based on the organization’s strategy and values, benchmarked against the organization’s mission and vision.

We focus on programs that aim at developing the knowledge, skills and abilities of our employees. We invest time, effort and money in order to develop and strengthen their capabilities to enable them to undertake new responsibilities and support the needs and objectives of the organization.

2. Objectives

1. Develop sustainable Emiratisation Initiatives, designed for Emiratis who are joining DTCM at various positions. It is aimed at equipping them with the knowledge, skills and behaviors to be proficient at their jobs. We aim to create a safe and nurturing learning environment for Emirati. 

  • Create a pool of highly qualified UAE National professionals in DTCM 
  • Ensure that they are provided with all the necessary resources, tools and guidance in order to exceed the standards
  • Develop the future leaders of DTCM and in the tourism industry

2. Develop the skills and capabilities of human resources at DTCM through specialized training programs in order to increase their level of attainment and add to their value to the organization.

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