Deira Islands to get 25.3km coastline in Nakheel contract with Dutch dredger Van Oord

29 June, 2015


Developer Nakheel has awarded a AED 387 million contract to Dutch dredging contractor Van Oord to deliver 23.5 kilometres of coastline for its Deira Islands project. The work involves shaping 8.5km of new beaches, 3.5km of quay walls, 9.5km of rock edges and 2km of breakwaters. It will be completed under a two-year contract and cover work on two of the four islands that make up the project. The total cost of the coastal work for all four islands is Dh550m. Van Oord’s project will include the 4.5 sq km south island, which will house a 4km stretch of waterfront that will be big enough to accommodate up to 500 yachts and boats.

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