Russians in Dubai spend $122 per night in hotels

Russians in Dubai spend $122 per night in hotels

17 June, 2015


Research by SweetBeam has revealed there has been a significant uplift of in-house guest spending across Dubai during 2014 and Q1 2015. The data reveals that of the top 20 nationalities occupying luxury hotels, Russians were the top spenders while on holiday in Dubai. Beyond the cost of the room, they spent on average AED446.1 (US $122) per night in the hotel. Following behind them, German guests spent AED260 ($71), British guests spent AED249.4 ($68), and the French spent AED206 ($56). UAE Nationals spent AED202.3 ($55), guests from Saudi Arabia spent AED161.6 ($44), while Indian tourists are the lowest spenders with a spending of just AED129.2 ($35) per night.

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