Dubai hosted first international cardiothoracic event

31 March, 2016

Dubai recently hosted the first edition of the Core Curriculum Review Course in Cardiothoracic Surgery in Dubai, a significant milestone marking the first time the event has ever been held outside of the UK or the United States. The training programme was held alongside the, the International Family Medicine Conference and Exhibition which was held in Dubai from 17-19 April 2016.

“It is for the first time that this training programme was organised outside the United Kingdom and the USA since its inception 26 years ago. Dubai was chosen to be the first international city to host the world’s most important event in cardiac surgeries,” said Profrosessor Abdallah Raweh, Director of Arab Countries Core Review.

The programme included doctors from 34 countries, including the UAE, Australia, South Africa, Italy and China along with nine of the world’s best cardiac and chest surgeons.  During the course, the doctors discussed rare operations conducted at the Dubai Health Authority and countries around the world, focusing on heart valve transplants using animal and artificial tissue as well as bypass surgery. Other topics covered included medical tourism, obesity, women’s health, mental health and senior citizen care. The conference was held in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Dubai Health Authority, the International Family Medicine Conference & Exhibition – IFM, the International Hospital Federation (IHF) and the Council of GCC Health Ministers.

As Dubai continues to drive innovation across key sectors, healthcare is proving to be a strong industry for growth and knowledge in the Emirate and events such as the Core Curriculum Review Course in Cardiothoracic Surgery are adding a valuable knowledge legacy to the city.  

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