Leisure Event Support

Dubai Calendar provides a platform to showcase events of all types, sizes and scales to the Dubai community, the region and the world in one easy and convenient online location. Along with keeping everyone informed on what’s happening in the city, Dubai Calendar helps with both government and community support, ensuring remarkable events, festivals and experiences for all.

Dubai Calendar, a part of the Dubai Tourism, attracts and support events that add to Dubai’s vibrant annual calendar of events. 

Dubai Calendar supports events in a number of different ways including

  • Listing on the Dubai Tourism website
  • Local and international marketing
  • Government and logistics support
  • Financial investment

To be eligible for listing on the Dubai Tourism website, the event must meet the following criteria.

            The event must:

  • Have a start and end date 
  • Be open to the general public
  • Adhere to UAE customs and culture

            The event must not:

  • Be a private function or a closed invitation event
  • Be tied to the promotion of a brand such as a new product launch, special offering or in-store promotion/ entertainment
  • Be an individual school event, program or holiday camp 
  • Be for personal benefit, such as weddings, graduations, reunions,

                  anniversaries, birthdays

  • Have programmes for political organisations whose primary purpose

      is to influence legislation

  • Promote firearms, weapons, pornography, gambling/ lottery, political issues and comparative sponsorship 

All other support is determined against the following event support criteria.

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