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As the sun rises, Elena Kinane can be found picking tomatoes, building a compost heap, or even helping one of her goats give birth. Yet this is no snapshot of a countryside but a farm on the outskirts of Dubai, and Kinane is the founder of Greenheart Organic Farms that produces a whole gamut of vegetables. Similarly, over 40 organic farms in the UAE grow around 62 chemical-free products. As surprising as this may sound, the fact of the matter is that people now have the opportunity to consume locally-grown food in this desert city.
  • Qbara Lounge
  • Qbara

    Arabesque authenticity and modern cuisine meet at Qbara Lounge

    Hot New Food Trends
  • مطعم Bateaux Dubai
  • Bateaux Dubai

    Set sail for a five-star dinner cruise along Dubai's historic Creek

    Hot New Food Trends
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