فندق بلوبي بلاك ستون

درجة الفندق ★★★★★
تحقق من التوفر والأسعار
يقع هذا الفندق في مدينة دبي ضمن مسافة قصيرة سيراً على الأقدام من الأماكن السياحية القريبة، مثل بنك دبي الوطني (مبنى) وبرج الإتصالات 1. يقدم الفندق غرف مريحة ومجهزة لكي تتناسب مع احتياجات كل الضيوف. يبعد الفندق مسافة عشرين دقيقة بالسيارة تقريباً عن خور دبي، برج خليفة ومطار دبي الدولي. بإمكان النزلاء أيضاً وبكل سهولة زيارة مدينة الغرير وبرج خور دبي.
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  • فندق بلوبي بلاك ستون

    شارع 34، شارع المرقبات, ديرة, دبي, إمارة دبي, الامارات العربية المتحدة

    شارع 34، شارع المرقبات, ديرة, دبي, إمارة دبي, الامارات العربية المتحدةفندق بلوبي بلاك ستون/@25.2642318,55.3194997

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  • الأنشطة
  • الامارات العربية المتحدة,إمارة دبي,دبي,ديرة
  • Nice Hotel with Poor service
    Hotel is little better than others in the same area, however the service is the real problem. Basic things like towels/water takes ages to deliver in the room. Milk was unavailable in the entire hotel and we could not make tea/coffee.. which was really surprising. We were upgraded to one thier suite but still the rooms was not good enough
  • Not very bad... and near the metro
    This is a good hotel for someone who is looking to get to know the city and doesn't want to stay in the hotel during the day. Only for sleeping and breakfast. The rooms are ok, we had some problems with the towels (not enough for two persons) and the lights that weren't working very well. Tv channels were very poor. This hotel has a swimming pool but we never saw it as we went out early in the morning and arrived after dinner. Lot's of places where you can eat nearby and some 24h supermarkets. Breakfast was a bit poor but typical for this sort of city hotels. The metro was about 5min walking (500-800m more or less), which is very nice. I could repeat this hotel if I went to Dubai again.
  • Not the best
    I stayed in this hotel twice. The first time was good. The second time however I had to keep asking the receptionist for someone to clean my room they were very slow about everything even taking our bags down on our departure day.
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