شقة سيتي ستاي برايم الفندقية

درجة الفندق ★★★★★
تحقق من التوفر والأسعار
تقع الملكية في مدينة دبي و تتضمن إنترنت لاسلكي مجاني في الأماكن العامة. كما توفر الملكية للنزلاء سونا، استقبال على مدار الساعة ومسبح. تؤمن الملكية مجموعة من الخدمات الشخصية لنزلائها، مثل استعلامات/ناطور وحراسة وأمن على مدار 24 ساعة. و الموظفين المتعددي اللغات على استعداد لتوفير المعلومات اللازمة. توفر الشقق مكنة لصنع القهوة، مطبخ صغير وشرفة خاصة، وهي مطلة على المدينة. جميع الشقق مكيفة ومجهزة ب مطبخ، حمام خاص وبراد. تبعد الملكية مجرد مسافة قريبة مشياً من سكاي دبي ومول الإمارات. دبي مول على بعد مسافة قصيرة بالسيارة.
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  • شقة سيتي ستاي برايم الفندقية

    شارع البرشاء, دبي, إمارة دبي, الامارات العربية المتحدة

    شارع البرشاء, دبي, إمارة دبي, الامارات العربية المتحدةشقة سيتي ستاي برايم الفندقية/@25.1150386,55.2054882

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  • الامارات العربية المتحدة,إمارة دبي,دبي
  • Very Clean apartment, pleasant stay
    We stayed in a 1 bedroom apartment as 2 adults and 3 young children for 8 nights. The apartment was spacious enough and was kept very clean. Special thank you to the cleaning staff as they do a brilliant job. The location is behind Mall of the Emirates. We had rented a car and the hotel offers free parking. So would definitely recommend to families. The only downside is there is no restaurant at the hotel but they still offer a menu for food from outside. There are also plenty of restaurants nearby and they all do delivery. There is also a local shop right beside the hotel so that was very handy. Overall we had a very pleasant stay and the hotel is good value for money.
  • Feel at home
    I stayed for almost 12-13 nights with my son. Rica, the receptionist give us excellent service. She let us to feel at home. And the housekeeping responds to our needs. But, the clothes hanger need to be fix. And king size bed was asked but 2 single bed was joined to each other. Receptionist said all of their king size bed was like that meaning 2 single bed was joined to each other. So, bed not so comfortable especially for baby. For future guest please be wise enough to double check first the bed if it's joined to each other or not. And, You will feel the hardness from the middle of the bed. You will hear some noise from construction building beside the property. A guy from the reception in the afternoon shift didn't give my request since I called for 3 times. And it took a long time more than an hour and a half before they respond. He said "only 1 housekeeping staff on duty." Bath tub was stiff. Upon check out Pakistani guy didn't give me the final invoice. He just let me to sign the invoice. And he didn't respond to my little need since I ask him if somebody could help me to pack the baby trolly with packaging tape he just answer me "no engineering right now". At least, offer something to me since I'm staying only with my son. But the rest all was fine. And the staff was good enough but need more training. I will recommend this property to my friends.
  • Would recommend
    Having stayed in Dubai before I would recommend this hotel for its location. Taxis are very cheap in Dubai so this location is quite central to everything. 2 bed apartment was massive! Clean too. 3 balcony's but couldn't make use of them due to the building work. It was very loud and it only stopped from about 11pm to 7am so no holidays lay ins! Other complaint was room service. Called they number on the menu to order...they weren't quite rude and said I had the wrong number and gave me another number to call, I called that and it wouldn't even connect! Other than those 2 issues I like definitely recommend. Most of the staff couldn't do enough for you, they were really helpful. Staff were lovely. Check in from 2pm but we arrived at hotel about 9am and were given a room by 11am which was excellent.
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