فندق إفرست انترناشيونال

درجة الفندق ★★★★
تحقق من التوفر والأسعار
يقع الفندق في وسط مدينة دبي و يضم ميزات تتضمن شراب للترحيب. بإمكان الضيوف الاستفادة من الواي فاي المجاني في الفندق. يؤمن الفندق عدد من الخدمات الشخصية لنزلائه، بما فيها استعلامات/ناطور، معاملات فورية للحجز والمغادرة وصرف العملات. طاقم الموظفين متوافر 24 ساعة على مدار الاسبوع ويمكنهم حجز الرحلات والتذاكر. تحتوي هذه الغرف والمكيفة والعازلة للصوت تلفزيون- شاشة مسطحة، زجاجة ماء وبار صغير. كل غرفة منها تضم خدمة كي الملابس، تلفون ومكتب. المناطق الجاذبة للسياح المحلية المتواجدة بالقرب من فندق إفرست انترناشيونال تتضمن برج خليفة وخور دبي. يبعد الفندق مسافة دقائق سيراً على الأقدام من بيت سعيد المكتوم ومتحف دبي.
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  • فندق إفرست انترناشيونال

    شارع الرفاعة, بر دبي, دبي, إمارة دبي, الامارات العربية المتحدة

    شارع الرفاعة, بر دبي, دبي, إمارة دبي, الامارات العربية المتحدةفندق إفرست انترناشيونال/@25.2605811,55.2901742

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  • الأنشطة
  • الامارات العربية المتحدة,إمارة دبي,دبي,بر دبي
  • Ok for a very short stay
    + Bed is ok Room amenities are correct Hotel is ok for a short stay if you're not planning to spend a lot of time in it District is full of cheap places with good food - We took a taxi from the airport to go to the hotel. The driver couldn't find the hotel despite the address we gave him. He then called the hotel but the staff wasn't able to give him the right directions and it took us an hour approximately to find the hotel. We checked in in the early morning with a staff member who wasn't speaking proper English and answering "Yes" to each question we had. So confusing. As a woman travelling with my partner, I would not recommend the area surrounding the hotel to women travelling alone. The area is mainly surrounded by men who apparently have never seen a woman in their life, and you'll be stared at without any respect no matter your partner is standing next to you and you are wearing non-revealing clothes, it doesn't matter to them. Quite unpleasant. The cleaning is not provided, and the neatness of the room is a bit questionable. The photos of the room are not very similar to reality.
  • Not high expectations
    It is true that the hotel is conveniently located in Bur Dubai (close to Old Town and the Creek) yet none of the taxi drivers would know where it is. It is true that it is quite cheap yet you would want to pay a little extra to have no cigarette smell in the rooms. The best part about this hotel is the extremely friendly approachable and helpful staff. They have been over the top to help the customers. Yet the manager needs to step up its game in order to sustain the business in a city of over 35000 hotels!
  • Lovely stay
    The staff were super friendly. Reasonable price if you are on a tight budget. It looked cleaned just couldn't stand the smell of cigarette. There is also no parking space, we were just lucky that we stayed on a Thursday night as the following day we need not pay for paid parking.
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