رويال بلازا للشقق الفندقية دبي

درجة الفندق ★★★★★
تحقق من التوفر والأسعار
تتواجد هذه الملكية في ديرة دبي، و تقدم خدمة الغرف 24-ساعة، خدمة ركن السيارات وغرفة اجتماعات. تبعد الملكية مسافة 15 دقيقة بالسيارة عن مطار دبي الدولي ويتم توفير خدمة النقل بالباصات للنزلاء. تم تجديد الملكية مؤخراً وتتضمن 41 شقة أنيقة. طاقم الموظفين متوافر 24 ساعة على مدار الاسبوع ويمكنهم مساعدتكم في حجز الرحلات والتذاكر. كل الشقق مكيفة وتضم مطبخ صغير مجهز تجهيزاً كاملاً مع ميكروويفات وبرادات. بالإمكان عمل القهوة بواسطة أدوات تحضير القهوة والشاي المجانية المتوفرة. يوجد العديد من المقاهي والمطاعم بجانب الملكية. مركز دبي المالي العالمي، خور دبي وبرج خليفة تبعد مسافة قصيرة بالسيارة.
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  • رويال بلازا للشقق الفندقية دبي
  • رويال بلازا للشقق الفندقية دبي

    شارع الرقة، خلف بنك أبو ظبي التجاري، ص ب 14483, ديرة, دبي, إمارة دبي, الامارات العربية المتحدة

    شارع الرقة، خلف بنك أبو ظبي التجاري، ص ب 14483, ديرة, دبي, إمارة دبي, الامارات العربية المتحدةرويال بلازا للشقق الفندقية دبي/@25.262,55.32372

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  • Like Home
    I stayed here for 5 days with friends. It had everything like a house should. near to a metro station and close to airport. friendly staff. wifi was bit slow and TV had limited channels. over all the experience was great staying here.
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  • 8 days in royal plaza
    Location is ok and apartment is enough big but it can be more clean.every day some body came to apartment for cleaning but no diffrent.we paid 620 aed for every night. Nisha is a indian girl at reseption.she was very helpful and sweet.wifi was very sick also tv no chanel for kids.
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  • not good.
    we got this hotel at and we had high hopes for it. unfortunately it wasnt that good. the hotel was close to the airport and accessible. a/c was super cold and hot water was super hot. the room has a kitchen with amenities and an automatic washing machine. we were assigned to room 702 and the ceiling of the shared toilet/bath leaked the whole time and so the bathroom was always flooded. we made several requests but they can do nothing about it. the wifi, you have to log in every 5minutes because they automatically cut you off every 5minutes. what is the sense in that? dont expect it to be clean because of the leaky ceiling. and some of the curtains had blotches of stains on it. no breakfast is offered. anyway it is near many restaurants. they dont give you towels unless you ask for it. they also dont change it unless you ask. they dont change the sheets during our 6 day stay. they just fold it nice for you. and we thought the tourism dirham is based on the room. we have one room 702 so we expect to pay 20dirhams per day only... but they say since room 702 has 3 bedrooms in it, so we have to pay 60 dirhams per day of our stay. i say that's some legal robbery! i cannot recommend this place to anyone.
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