فندق سافرون

درجة الفندق ★★★★★
تحقق من التوفر والأسعار
يقع هذا الفندق في ديرة دبي، و يقدم بار قهوة، خدمة الغرف 24-ساعة واستقبال على مدار الساعة. يبعد الفندق مسافة 15 دقيقة بالسيارة عن مطار دبي الدولي وتتوفر خدمة النقل بالباصات للنزلاء. هناك الكثير من وسائل الراحة لنزلاء الفندق من ضمنها صرف العملات، أمن واماكن لتوضيب الأمتعة. يتوفر أيضاً خدمة النقل من وإلى المطار، خدمة غسل وكي الملابس ومصبغة. الغرف مكيفة وفيها وسائل راحة متميزة مثل حذاء قماشي داخلي، دوش وتلفزيون- شاشة مسطحة. كل واحدة منها توفر براد، شرفة خاصة ومكان لتناول الطعام في الغرفة. بإمكان نزلاء الفندق الإستمتاع بتناول العشاء في المطعم الذي يقع في نفس المبنى، هذا مناسب للنزلاء الذين يفضلون البقاء في المبنى نفسه. تتوفر في قاعة الطعام في الفندق تشكيلة من الخيارات لوجبة الافطار. يبعد الفندق مسافة قصيرة مشياً من منتجع ومركز سيرنيتي الصحي. يبعد خور دبي، برج خليفة ومركز دبي المالي العالمي مسافة قريبة بالسيارة.
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  • فندق سافرون

    شارع الرقة، خلف بنك أبوظبي التجاري, ديرة, دبي, إمارة دبي, الامارات العربية المتحدة

    شارع الرقة، خلف بنك أبوظبي التجاري, ديرة, دبي, إمارة دبي, الامارات العربية المتحدةفندق سافرون/@25.2613181,55.3255606

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  • الأنشطة
  • الامارات العربية المتحدة,إمارة دبي,دبي,ديرة
  • So So
    I was able to stay here back in July of 2015 for a 5 day tour. Upon check in, they asked for my passport because they needed to keep it with them. I gave it in although I was a little hesitant to do so. Stay was pleasant but rooms were a little old already. I was also able to try their room service and the food was, honestly, nice! I had an enjoyable stay until my friend came over to stay with me. She wanted to park the car herself but the valet insisted they do it for her until she gave in and gave the key.She left the following morning. I was in the hotel the following day and the same friend called me and told me that her rear light was broken and it looked like it was smashed somewhere. She didn't notice because the light was all covered with RED TAPE which was made in the hotel since she didn't go anywhere else on that day. After coming back from work, she came back to the hotel to complain. We requested for the CCTV footage to be checked by ourselves. To our surprise, some of the angles and dates and time when we suspected it happened got deleted already. Looked like something smelled fishy. We then called a police to obtain a police report and she got one. It was the hassle we experienced why we swore we're never coming back. I am pretty sure the management still remembers this. I hope it never happens to anybody. Nevertheless, the location of the hotel is very good since you can walk to grocery shops and restaurants.
  • Good hotel
    Its a good hotel on a very good locations. Wifi have to be purchased halal and veg food available on budgets. Specially good for indian guests. Seen many European also staying and russians too. Room only is a good deal with breakfast it can be expensive. A suggestion to provide dental kit and comb and a shaving kit which can be less than 6 dirhams if purchased by the hotel in bulk and provided to clients on daily basis. Location wise the best. Good tea and food outside the hotel on just 5 mints walk
  • Awesome Place for Family N Solo Traveller
    I am a solo girl traveler. It was my first visit to Dubai in Jan 2017 this year. I booked this property via at an amazing price. I stayed there for 3 days. Its well connected via metro which is at a walk able distance. Its difficult to have Indian food but i didn't face any challenge with the food here. A big thank you to the entire team :). Rooms are very neat and clean. Staff is sporting.
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