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يقع مطعم ألفيز دبي ضمن البوليفار الأنيق في جميرا أبراج الإمارات، وهو من المطاعم التابعة لسلسلة ألفريد دانهيل الشهيرة. يستقبل "ألفيز" ضيوفه على الغداء والعشاء، وهو مصمّم ليناسب أذواق الرجال الذين يسعون لاختبار التجارب الراقية في الحياة. ويعتبر ألفيز الوجهة المثالية لتناول غداء عمل أو وجبة عشاء مميزة.
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55.28219313 25.2177213ألفيز/@25.21772130,55.28219313
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    الأحد إلى السبت من 12:00 إلى 23:30

    +971 [0] 4 319 8088

    أبراج الإمارات, المركز التجاري الثانية, زعبيل

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  • British pub with a decor that tributes Alfred Dunhill
    Last night in Dubai we decided to give Alfie's a whirl. Really good quality British fare in a nice casual dining atmosphere. Being on the Jumeirah Flavours half- board package, we were given a set menu to choose from. Worked out fine anyway as the dishes we wanted from the main menu also appeared on the set menu. We had a couple of Heinekens which were £12 each, but you've got to expect to pay between £9-£12 for a beer in Dubai. We were really impressed with the quality of the food at Alfie's and the portions were more than generous. They even prepared us a special anniversary dessert which we had to get a doggie bag for, as we were totally stuffed!!! When in Dubai, definitely give Alfie's a shout.
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  • Enjoying Delicious British menu in Dubai
    Was longing for a British menu and got introduced to Alfie. Nice environment and excellent food. The grilled Fish was tasty and delicious. I lodged at Jumeirah Emirates and was looking for something different for Dinner. Then, I saw an inviting restaurant called Alfie. I was served by Rabi, a courteous lady with beautiful smile and always giving you good hints about Alfie menu. Will like to be there again to try her suggestions on Chicken. Cheers AAA
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  • Fish & chips & Rabi
    We travelled from JZS for a Fish & Chips dinner. We were served by Rabi (beautiful smile) and her service was excellent. Restaurant was quiet (even though football was on in the background). Smililar set up to an old gentleman's club with a modern twist. Had starters Mulligatawny soup and boneless chicken wings. Bread also served. All very good but bad idea, not the food but the main course to follow portion size was enormous! Fish and chips with mushy peas and tartar sauce. It was cooked to perfection but huge. Would have loved to have finished it but too full. Good value and great service also. Five stars.
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