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يقدم كافيه أرابيسك مجموعة غنية من أطايب المشرق العربي، بما في ذلك الأردن ولبنان وسوريا. ويتيح لك المطعم فرصة اختبار مجموعة من النكهات والمأكولات الفريدة. توفر عروض البوفيه الخمسة خيارات متعددة من المقبلات، في حين تضم قائمة المأكولات مجموعة متنوعة من أطباق الكباب وسوى ذلك من المأكولات التي تشتهر بها هذه المنطقة من العالم. كما أطلق المطعم مؤخراً بوفيه غداء يومي يتضمن مقبلات باردة وساخنة، وأطباقاً رئيسية، وحلويات.
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  • كافيه أرابيسك

    الأحد إلى السبت من 06:30 إلى 22:30

    +971 [0] 4 436 0000

    أرجان من روتانا مدينة دبي للإعلام, الصفوح الثانية, جميرا

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  • Bit disappointing
    Let me admit that the exterior architecture is this hotel apartment is very appealing and every time is passed around it, I used to be fascinated by it. That is a prime reason we decided to visit this place for brunch which was also supported by tripadvisor reviews. I was however disappointed by the variety except desserts. Hummus was horrible and there were no fresh breads to go with it. Soup was amazing! They served canned juice instead of fresh juice though when we requested, they obliged us with fresh juice and dint charge us for it but most of the people might not even ask. Reservation and seating process was smooth and the staff was very welcoming and courteous. I however had better expectations from food. Kids have much to look forward to, there was a clown, balloons and kids had a separate dessert counter for them.
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  • Pleasant surprise
    Last week we tried the Friday brunch at the Arabesque Cafe in the Rotana Arjaan Dubai Media City and what a pleasant surprise we got! This restaurant that has a 6-days-a-week theme buffet offers very comfortable seating facilities, excellent food and very friendly and attentive staff. We enjoyed several international premium quality dishes, perfectly accompanied by freshly made fruit juice. A huge thanks to Julius and his team for making out of an ordinary Friday afternoon, a special one. We will definitely be back soon!
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  • Arabian Flavour Theme Night
    Mark and I have been to a couple of Friday Brunches already, but we haven't been to Theme Night dinners yet. So when an invitation to try one of the Theme Nights from Arabesque Cafe came our way, we gladly welcomed it with big appetites. :p. Arabesque Cafe is the in-house restaurant at Arjaan by Rotana in Dubai Media City. It offers delectable worldly buffets in their special Revamped Theme Nights. We got to try out the Arabian Flavour which is every Thursday night. I was impressed with how the ambience very much captured the simple yet elegant Arabic vibe. I am no expert when it comes to the Arabic culture, but at least that's how I perceived the culture and people from the very start -- unassuming yet very classy. And that's what the Arabesque Cafe exudes with its gold, red, and black interiors. Touches of blue also added life to the whole setup. Completing the authentic Arabic experience is a delicately-crafted buffet spread consisting of Middle Eastern specialties from breads, salads, and hot and cold mezze to mains, desserts, and dates, to coffee and tea. Most of the dishes were new to me, but I was lucky there were my favorites which I made sure to get. Lamb Shank with Couscous, Beef Shish Kebab, and Chicken Tikka filled my plate which I enjoyed eating with the Oriental Rice plus yogurt. I also indulged in my favorite Arabic desserts: assorted Baklava and Cheese Kunafa. Our Arabic experience was also coupled with Arabic hospitality which the staff of the cafe exhibited. We all had our fill of Arabian gastronomic feast, hospitality, and ambience. It was indeed a fun night. * Photos by Eduard Daling Photography
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