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ما يدعو عشاق المائدة التايلندية للعودة مراراً وتكراراً إلى "بلو إيليفنت" هو نكهاته المميزة وأطباقه التقليدية الفريدة. لم يشهد المطعم تغيرات كثيرة منذ افتتاحه قبل 15 عاماً في فندق البستان روتانا، حيث يقدم لضيوفه دروساً في الطبخ وعروضاً خاصة على البوفيه المفتوح. استمتع باستكشاف قائمة مأكولاته الغنية التي تشمل أصناف الكاري التايلاندي الكلاسيكي وأطباق باد تاي وديم سام، إضافة إلى خيارات مبتكرة مثل سمك القاروس الطازج بالليمون الحامض.
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الموقع الإلكتروني
55.3453238 25.2478714بلو إيلفينت/@25.2478714,55.3453238
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  • Blue-Elephant
  • بلو إيلفينت

    الأحد إلى السبت من 12:00 إلى 15:00 و من 19:00 إلى 23:30

    +971 [0] 4 282 0000

    البستان روتانا, القرهود, ديرة

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  • Love the atmosphere.
    Nice atmosphere with water, big plants and bamboo inside restaurant. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Good and tasty food, drinks are nice too. Good value for money. I'm glad they didn't changed much in this restaurant, only the name is changed from Blue Elephant to Bambooda. Food is still as good as before.
  • Good Food & Service
    We were a group of 12 adults at Bambooda for dinner last night and I must say we all had a great evening. Being a weekday we all wanted to wrap up fast but then we ended up staying pass midnight as we all enjoyed the food as well as our drinks. Suresh(I hope I got his name right) our server for the evening was exceptional. Very attentive, well mannered and very polite. His recommendations met beyond out expectations. Service was fast & the food was delicious ! Thai cuisine being one of my favorites, I will admit that, Bambooda is by far the best restaurant I've thoroughly enjoyed my meal.
  • Destination Dave Friday Brunch
    With so many choices and options when it comes to the famous Dubai Friday Brunches, it’s not always easy to find the right one for the Friday you have in mind, as some brunches can just be carnage and leave you disappointed. So I had been hearing good things from a recently launched brunch in Gahood, so I came to check it out! First thing I noticed was this brunch deal is from 12 until 4pm and is a great price compared to many other brunches. The great thing about this place is it feels like this could be in Asia as you can see from the photo’s I’ve taken during my visit. You don’t need to worry about asking or getting attention from the staff to fill up your glass, they are very quick and your glass will never be empty. The service from the staff was spot on.! The food comes in 6 Waves and anything that really takes your fancy they will be happy to bring you that Wave again, the food was excellent. The music was a good mix of dance, pop and some good old classics from the eighties, and watch out for the Panda dancing. Another great thing about Bambooda was the waterfall, it’s a great touch and adds real character to the venue. To end, it’s a great brunch for family and friends, I will for sure go back again, thumbs up from Destination Dave!.
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