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يعتبر "بوك منش" أول مقهى أدبي في دبي. وإضافة إلى تقديمه لأطباق شهية على الفطور والغداء والعشاء، يضم المقهى مجموعة كبيرة من إصدارات الكتب التي تناسب مختلف الأعمار. كذلك يستضيف "بوك منش" فعاليات دورية لعشاق الكتب، بما في ذلك نوادي الكتب، وحفلات توقيع الإصدارات الجديدة. بفضل مجموعته الواسعة من كتب الأطفال وركن المطالعة الفسيح، يعتبر "بوك منش" الوجهة الأمثل لجميع أفراد العائلة.
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  • بوك مانش

    الأحد إلى السبت من 07:00 إلى 22:00

    +971 [0] 4 388 4006

    وصل سكوير, الصفا الاولى, جميرا

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  • Cute Spot
    Cute spot that is clearly family orientated with rows and rows of books that surround the dining space. The breakfast and lunch options are pretty good, with the sandwiches being a particular highlight. Service is always nice and friendly but sometimes a little hit and miss.
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  • Great place to get a bite and recommended read
    Love that there are books everywhere - both for kids and adults. The menu is bookishly themed and bespoke interior reminds you of the best in local cafes. If I lived in the neighborhood, I'd be here all the time for an office away from home.
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  • Not A Must If You Are A Tourist
    I visited BookMunch cafe last December with my grandpa putting my faith in all the positive reviews I read in multiple places including TripAdvisor. Before I proceed any further, it should be noted that besides Al Wasl Square branch (location at the bottom of this page), there is a new branch which has been recently opened in 2016 in Business Bay, and that was the branch I went to. The taxi driver did not know it, but I directed him using GoogleMaps, which-let’s give it some credits- never fails anyone. It was a Friday morning and I was really looking for their weekend brunch, but it turned out that they have it on Fridays in the Wasl Square branch, and on Saturdays in the Business Bay one. I was a bit disappointed, but we still had the chance to try out some of the desserts they had on display. Grandpa and I fell for the toffee pudding - the waiter recommended it and she didn’t let us down. We tried some other dessert (which I cannot recall its name), and it was good but not as good as the pudding. The main reason I insisted on visiting this cafe was the concept of it merging two things I love - books and food. As for the food I should’ve checked before we went, but the books they had weren’t many. There was this one wall with all the books, and I looked at them, to find out that they all were cookbooks/ food & wine based-books. I don’t know about the other branch, but I think this should have been clarified in all the descriptions I read. Is it only that? Or are there other things on offer? The idea of the cafe is not new. We do have similar places here at home, but I thought since it’s Dubai, and since it’s not my first visit perhaps I shall start thinking of discovering some new places. I was let down a bit because I expected more to be honest. From the reviews I read, I thought the length of the visit would take no less than 3 hours since I’m a “bookaholic” but we ended up taking less than an hour with all the exploration of Business Bay too. As the title suggests I wouldn’t say it’s a must if you are touring the city, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.
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