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كافيه سيراميك مقهى واستديو للرسم في آن معاً، وهو يوفر لرواده مقاعد مريحة، وتتميز جدرانه بتصميمها المستوحى من الأعمال الفنية، إضافة إلى أجوائه الهادئة. ويعتبر هذا المقهى وجهتك المثالية لاكتشاف مواهبك الفنية أو تشجيع أطفالك على تنمية طاقاتهم الإبداعية. اختر إحدى القطع الفنية وقم بتزيينها باستخدام مواد الطلاء وأقلام الرصاص. ويقوم المقهى بصقلها بعناية لتستلمها في موعد لاحق وتضمها إلى قائمة مقتنياتك المميزة. وتضم قائمة الطعام وجبات خفيفة ومشروبات ساخنة وباردة. كما يشتهر المقهى بتنظيمه للاحتفالات الخاصة بالأطفال.
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  • Cafe-Ceramique
  • كافيه سيراميك

    الأحد إلى السبت من 09:00 إلى 24:00, العطلات الرسميّة من 09:00 إلى 24:0

    +971 [0] 4 344 7331

    تاون سنتر جميرا, جميرا الاولى, جميرا

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  • Artistic Cafe
    Now this is a place where you can combine food with a bit of art ... A rare place to find in our little Dubai. The concept here is simple, you choose a ceramic piece from the number of shelves in the place, think of what you want to paint in it, and the place will supply you with the colors and the paintbrushes. And while you work on your masterpiece, you can order yourself a salad, a cake or coffee. You can pickup the ceramic after one week, as they will need to bake it ... It won't look exactly how you expect it to look ... But only better! Recommended place to take the kids and get them busy with some art. They do a lot of functions and activities for the little ones, including birthday celebrations. You are never too old to try a bit of coloring. Just don't expect amazing food.
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  • What a great bunch of people
    Just celebrated my daughters 8th birthday at Cafe Ceramique last week and what a great birthday party it was. Maria, Ruby, Raman and Sashi have a lot to be proud of and I thank them for their fantastic management of the event. All aspects from decor to food to children management and open mindedness was displayed in abundance. And none of this broke the bank. Fantastic job guys. Keep it up
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  • Kids entertainment and good coffee
    We met some friends here with young kids so they can paint the ceramic models and enjoy breakfast. The staff were very friendly and helped the kids with the painting and showing them how to use the paints. The food we ordered was great quality and well presented and the coffee we had was one of the best we've had in good we ordered another one. The price of the ceramics is not that cheap but it keep the kids entertained. The ceramic models do need 7 days for them to fired, as we will have left Dubai our friends will send them to us. There is also free wifi.
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