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يقدم سنتر كت أطباقاً سخية تضم أشهى اللحوم والمأكولات البحرية. وتشمل قائمة الطعام الغنية كافة أنواع المأكولات البحرية، من أصابع السمك المقلية التقليدية إلى الروبيان والمحار والهامور والسلمون. أما وجبات اللحوم فيتم طهيها بعناية لتتلذذ بمجموعة مختارة من شرائح الستيك الأمريكية والأسترالية. وإذا شعرت بصعوبة في الاختيار، أطلب طبقاً يضم المأكولات البحرية واللحوم لتستمتع بكلا النكهتين.
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    ريتز كارلتون مركز دبي المالي العالمي, زعبيل الاولى, زعبيل

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  • A real disappointment
    We were two couples and good friends, as well as my brother in law who is visiting Dubai on his way back home to Canada, having dinner here last night. None of us had been here before. I booked a table for five based on good reviews on Trip Advisor as well as a write up on Paco Perez, a Michelin starred chef from Catalonia, who recently commenced a three month stint at Center Cut. Pre dinner drinks in the lobby was a nice touch to begin with before we were ushered to our corner table which was really good for conversation. A fair few other diners around. The menu is specially created by Paco Perez and looked intriguing. They had a Tasting Menu but we all decided to go The a la carte route. A complimentary "Amuse Brioche" for each of us was a good start to go with the Chilean Merlot before we decided to share our starters. We opted for the Tuna Tartar, the Langoustine Cannelloni with caviar, and the Creamy Artichokes with Truffle sauce and Parmesan. All small portions but of decent quality. Our mains however were a major disappointment. My wife ordered the Mediterranean Sea Bass, the other lady in our group went for The Turbot while my brother in law opted for the Sole Meunière. All three considered their respective dish to be substandard not to mention the tiny portions. My other friend ordered the 200g Black Angus Tenderloin with Roasted Aubergines for his sides, while I went for the 250g Wagyu Striploin with a Mediterranean salad for my sides. Just two sauces to choose from of which one was a Hollaindaise..... The steaks were distinctly average and I asked for mustard ...... Desserts were also disappointing - we shared two between us. We were on our second bottle of Chilean Merlot by now which was probably the best part of our meal. Gerber was our waiter and while pleasant enough, was not particularly well informed on the menu. He also spilled the Merlot on the table cloth while serving us...... Vincent the Manager on duty asked us for feedback at the end of our dinner and we gave him our honest critiques. Frankly speaking, I regret my decision to host dinner at Center Cut last night based on our experience. An expensive meal as well but at least we enjoyed the wine.
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  • The food was a little disappointing
    First time here after reading the reviews. Was told when we arrived that the steakhouse had moved to Cara next door. Center Cut was to be run by a Michellin-star Chef then. Had a couple of their mains and sides. Presentation was very good and taste was ok. Our party of 6 still enjoyed ourselves very much - extremely attentive service and beautiful deco and setting. Portions were very modest, might be ordering KFC now.
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  • Great birthday dinner
    A very good meal and I am surprised at the relatively low ranking on TripAdvisor steakhouses in Dubai .Whilst there are a great many steakhouses in Dubai in my view this one is right up near the top .We had a selection of starters which were very good including the crab cakes and some salads. For main course I had the aged Ribeye on the bone which was absolutely delicious and perfectly cooked medium rare .Also very good sides including onion rings and creamed spinach. For desert as it was my birthday,a marvellous carrot cake was produced.
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