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"شيف لانكا" مطعم صغير يتميز بنكهاته الفريدة التي تدغدغ حواسك. استمتع بوجبات شهية تتميز بأسعارها المعتدلة ضمن أجواء أنيقة. يمكنك تناول ما تشتهيه في بوفيه الغداء والعشاء، أو اختيار نكهات التوابل المفضلة لديك من قائمة المأكولات. تذوّق طبق "كنج فيش كاري" المتميز، أو "كوتهو روتي" وهو عبارة عن خبز روتي مقطّع مع الدجاج والكراث والطماطم والجزر.
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55.3061092 25.2444854شيف لانكا/@25.2444854,55.3061092
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  • شيف لانكا

    الجمعة من 07:30 إلى 12:00, 13:00 إلى 23:30, الأحد إلى الخميس & السبت من 07:30 إلى 23:30

    +971 [0] 4 335 3050

    مركز الخزنة, الكرامة, بردبي

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  • Waiters should repeat the order in front of the customer.
    I went there for dinner yesterday 29th June for dinner alone to the restaurant as I seen so far two customer was there before me then one waitress came to me took the order I ask her to bring me a POL PITTU one portion with chicken curry then I been waiting almost 20 minute then she brought me MANI PITTU instead POL PITTU it was very disappointed for me, even when I order I speak with her own my langue very clearly then she argue with me you were ordered MANI PITTU only then I said no I order what I like mostly POL PITTU then she took back the mani pittu she said I will change but I don’t want to wait more time because I was fed-up been long time there then I went to cashier I paid money I left without having food . To enhance your service make sure waiter repeat the orders in front of the customers prevent this kind of mistake.
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  • No idea if it's authentic Sri Lankan, but this place is a real gem.
    Stumbled on this place by accident, when I saw that Paragon (where I was heading just up the street) had a 30 person queue outside it. Small place, I was welcomed in by the staff, who were attentive and friendly throughout. I only tried two dishes, but both were delicious. The Sri Lankan crab curry comprised 8 or 9 meaty crab legs nestled in a bowl of aromatic, spicy, creamy coconut curry sauce. The cuttlefish in spicy garlic sauce needs no explanation, with a sauce was strong and hot, with a hint of sweetness. I polished off both dishes in 15 minutes, all for AED 60. Great value. I'll definitely be going back
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  • Exceptional Sri Lankan food in a casual restaurant
    It's a small place but it's very clean and the service is good. They have a full Sri Lankan menu and the food is just super. Also they have the wonderful Sri Lankan snacks such as kottu roti, malu bannis, seeni bannis. Yummy😀
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