كرمبس اليزيه
تذوّق أشهى المأكولات في كرامبز إليزيه
يعتبر هذا الملتقى المميز في دبي وجهة مثالية للاسترخاء ومطالعة صحف نهاية الأسبوع أثناء تناول وجبة الإفطار ضمن أجواء هادئة. ويتضمن تصميمه الداخلي الأنيق أقفاص طيور عتيقة وأوراق شجر اصطناعية خضراء وبيانو كبير. وتشمل قائمة الطعام مجموعة واسعة من الأطباق القارية ووجبات الإفطار، بما في ذلك بيض بينيديكت. إذا قمت بزيارة "كرامبز إليزيه" لتناول القهوة، ننصحك بتذوق إحدى كعكاته أو فطائره الشهية. وتضم واجهته حلوى الإيكلير اللذيذة، إلى جانب قطع الكب كيك الأكثر تميزاً في دبي.
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  • Crumbs-Elysee
  • كرمبس اليزيه

    الأحد إلى السبت من 06:00 إلى 22:00, العطلات الرسميّة من 06:00 إلى 22:00

    +971 [0] 4 346 8899

    المنارة, جميرا

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  • A Little Gem
    When entering the refurbished Crumbs restaurant you are immediately taken by its calm atmosphere and elegance. The modern arabic decor is most pleasing to the eye and thoughtfully done and sets it apart from many others. Crumbs has a wide ranging menu that includes traditional arabic dishes as well as western favourites such as pizza and burghers or the more formal fish and steak dishes. The salads are excellent and the Cesar comes highly recommend. Topping off a good meal is their excellent range of pastries and cakes. Remember to always save space for them. Patrons are encouraged to play one of their many board games ranging from Monopoly, backgammon to traditional arabic board games. All done in a relaxed way with no one rushing you out. This is made even more inviting by the new indoor and outdoor shisha areas that have been created. Walking through these you feel as if you are in a place that time forgot. The staff make sure your visit and experience at crumbs is truly memorable.
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  • Great location for food and shisha
    An amazing place to gather with friends and family over breakfast, lunch or diner. The menu has a big variety and selections of food and beverage that suits every taste. The salads are so fresh and the grill is really tender and delicious. The juices are so fresh and the shisha is another thing to try. So many flavors to taste and enjoy while sitting there and enjoying some smart games, to backgammon or playing cards. The staff are amazing and very friendly and helpful specially Haider. The decoration add a great touch to the outlet. I think whatever i will mention in my review wont be enough to give Crumbs its real Value. I strongly recommend to pay a visit and enjoy one of the best experiences when you are in Dubai. Absolutely Amazing and very well done.
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  • Nice light lunch
    We decided to grab a quick lunch on Saturday as we were dashing around town and wanted something light and quick. Perfect choice! Promptly seated in a nice corner booth, On a Saturday there is the a la carte option or weekend brunch. We elected to have the a la carte, selecting the individual mushroom quiche which is accompanied by a small mixed salad, and a club sandwich which came with French fries. Service was very fast, staff polite, enquiring if we were happy with our meal. The restaurant has underground parking, important during the hot summer months. Crumbs has a very wide menu, with many options, so I'm sure there is something for everyone.
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فينتج تشيز آند واين بار المطاعم
أشهى أصناف الجبن وألذ المشروبات في وجبة واحدة
استمتع بنكهة الأجبان الفريدة في فنتج تشيز آند واين بار
ذا بوب المطاعم
اختبر سحر بريطانيا
تلذذ بمشروبك المفضل في
ذا آيس فاكتوري التسوق
استمتع بالنكهات الصحية
اكتشف مذاق الآيس كريم الطبيعي في ذا آيس فاكتوري
أب تاون مردف التسوق
أب تاون مردف
تسوّق في الهواء الطلق
ذا أندرجراوند بوب المطاعم
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