فليفرز أون تو
أجواء تفيض بالحيوية في فليفرز أون تو
إذا كنت تبحث عن مطعم يتميز بأجوائه الحيوية وموقعه الفريد في وسط المدينة، توجه إلى "فليفرز أون تو" في شارع الشيخ زايد. يكتظ المطعم بالرواد لا سيما خلال يومي الخميس والجمعة حيث يتوافد إليه المقيمون في مختلف أنحاء الإمارات للاستمتاع بعطلة نهاية الأسبوع. ويعتبر "فليفرز أون تو" الوجهة المثالية لقضاء أمسية رائعة مع الأصدقاء، ويتميز بأسعاره الثابتة على المشروبات والمأكولات، ما يسهّل عليك تسديد الفاتورة. وتشمل الأمسيات الخاصة أطباق الكاري ليلة الاثنين والمأكولات البحرية ليلة الأربعاء.
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  • فليفرز أون تو

    الأحد إلى السبت من 06:00 إلى 10:30, 12:00 إلى 15:00, و 19:00 إلى 23:30 العطلات الرسميّة من 06:00 إلى 10:3012:00 إلى 15:00 و 19:00 إلى 23:30

    +971 [0] 4 312 2202

    أبراج روتانا, المركز التجاري الاولى, جميرا

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  • enjoyed evening buffet with unlimited beers!
    me and my hubby visited flavours on two last january 5 and it was our first time to try it.. the buffet is italian themed which is our favorite! the live station pasta is really nice and the way it is cooked is unbelievably tasty!! the waitress/waiter are very attentive on replacing the plates and beers whenever we are finish with it. Good service. nice food! will definitely recommend and come back!!
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  • Outstanding customer service
    I came to this restaurant last night with my family for the seafood night themed buffet and was absolutely amazed by the great customer service we were met with. Manager, Vishwanth, was so kind to us and nothing was too much for him. We were given fresh juices and the food was very fresh. The desserts had a nice range of variety and the sushi was nice too which was later changed into Salmon and Tuna afterwards. A lovely night and we were very happy. The only criticism I have is that my mother ordered two lattes and my sister one latte, decaf for both, but the coffees were not decaf and both my sister and mother did not sleep at all having had both coffees at 9 pm. This was inconvenient as we had an airport journey at 5 am today but other than that, there's nothing more I could criticise. A really well run buffet with outstanding customer service, fresh food, great cheeses and seafood, desserts and great atmosphere in the gorgeous Towers Rotana venue. I would highly recommend! Thank you to the team and to Vishwanth for a fantastic night.
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  • Brilliant As Always!
    Have been coming to this Restaurant for the last 4 years and even though there is so much choice of excellent restaurants this remains a firm favourite of ours, it never disappoints! Excellent food & service and nothing is too much trouble!
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