مطعم وصالة فوجويرا
قم بزيارة مطعم وصالة فوجيرا
قم بزيارة مطعم وصالة فوجيرا في فندق رامادا بلازا جميرا بيتش ريزيدنس واستمتع بتناول مشاوي تشوراسكاريا البرازيلية الأصيلة ضمن أجواء ممتعة تتخللها عروض ترفيهية يومية. اختبر روعة الجلسات الرومانسية على الشرفة الخارجية بإطلالتها الخلاّبة على مرسى دبي ونخلة جميرا. تذوّق ما شئت من اللحوم، ثم ارفع الجانب الأخضر من بطاقتك لطلب المزيد، وسرعان ما سيملأ النادل طبقك بشرائح اللحم الشهية.
الموقع الإلكتروني
55.13583332 25.07778147مطعم وصالة فوجويرا/@25.07778147,55.13583332
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  • مطعم وصالة فوجويرا

    الجمعة من 12:30 إلى 15:30, و 18:30 إلى 02:00 الأحد إلى الخميس & السبت من 18:30 إلى 24:00

    +971 [0] 4 439 8888

    رامادا بلازا جميرا بيتش ريزيدنس, مرسى دبي, جميرا

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  • Amazing night
    Second time here and doesn't fail to seriously impress. The food is delicious and the service is impeccable. We couldn't have been made to feel more welcome. I would highly recommend for residents and tourists alike and will definitely be back soon.
  • Tasty Steaks
    This is my first time at Fogueira for brunch and we were not disappointed. I find the brunch / dinner pricing much more reasonable price wise for me. We found the service to be excellent during our meal.Mr. lalit, was very warm to us and even gave me a souvenir ring of fogueira for my birthday! Attentive support staff and a never ending rotation of their meat selection. We flipped our discs to green and the parade started. Well seasoned meats, cooked on the rarer side, which is to my liking. And when we requested a repeat on a certain cut, they made sure to visit our table again. The cheese bread and the sides the brought to the table were all excellent. We tried to pace ourselves and turned our discs to red to take a few breaks during our meal, then flipped them back over when we saw something good. We will be returning, again in the near future.
  • Come VERY Hungry
    We were staying in Ritz carlton but visited this place second time on vacation and really enjoyed it. First thing you will see entering in restaurant is a fantastic selection of starters and your heart (not to talk about your stomach) temptation is to go straight there. But, even though starters are very good, that would be a bad mistake, since this would distract you from the real value of the "full experience" that are the different kinds of meat you are served until you say "stop" with the red card on the table. So, have the patience to wait just a little bit to seat down and then change the card from red to green and you'll start seeing excellent meat to magically appear close to your seat. The staff appears to be organized in a team style service and therefore you can ask almost anyone for what you might need. Mr. Lalit Kaur, the manager, a very pleasant, young man, from India came to our table and ask how our dining experience went, thanked us for coming back.He came by twice and made us feel pretty special. One thing I will say is that unless you are a big eater you probably will not feel that you got your money's worth
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