مطعم وصالة فوجويرا
قم بزيارة مطعم وصالة فوجيرا
قم بزيارة مطعم وصالة فوجيرا في فندق رامادا بلازا جميرا بيتش ريزيدنس واستمتع بتناول مشاوي تشوراسكاريا البرازيلية الأصيلة ضمن أجواء ممتعة تتخللها عروض ترفيهية يومية. اختبر روعة الجلسات الرومانسية على الشرفة الخارجية بإطلالتها الخلاّبة على مرسى دبي ونخلة جميرا. تذوّق ما شئت من اللحوم، ثم ارفع الجانب الأخضر من بطاقتك لطلب المزيد، وسرعان ما سيملأ النادل طبقك بشرائح اللحم الشهية.
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55.13583332 25.07778147مطعم وصالة فوجويرا/@25.07778147,55.13583332
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  • مطعم وصالة فوجويرا

    الجمعة من 12:30 إلى 15:30, و 18:30 إلى 02:00 الأحد إلى الخميس & السبت من 18:30 إلى 24:00

    +971 [0] 4 439 8888

    رامادا بلازا جميرا بيتش ريزيدنس, مرسى دبي, جميرا

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  • Tahison
    We always have a great culinary and interactive experience while visiting. Tahison continued to represent your commitment to excellent customer service. Hats off to the team!
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  • Best Service in Dubai - a great night out
    We visited Fogueira Restaurant & Lounge on the last night of our holuday in Dubai as we were looking for something deifferent. I’m allergic to beef but, having looked at the menu in advance, it looked like there was plenty of other options available so we thought we’d give it a try. We cannot speak highly enough of this restaurant. The service was excellent from start to finish. When I told our waiter about my beef allergy he went out of his way to bring me the other options to ensure I did not miss out. The food was delicious, there was lots of choice and the meats were brought round continuously. We were given a card when we arrived to control the flow of food too so we didn’t get over faced - red side up for “I need a break” and green side up for “please serve us”. We opted for the alcohol package so we had unlimited drinks for up to 2 hours. Whenever we finished a drink we were immediately offered another and our water was kept topped up too; we never had to get somebody’s attention to order anything, as the staff were so good. A brilliant night to round off a great holiday. Thanks to everyone at Foguiera - we will highly recommend you to anyone going to Dubai and next time we’re there we will definitely come again.
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  • Compliment to Staff
    Couple of days ago I visited Fogueira Restaurant with my guests. Service was amazing, food was outstanding and complimenting the review - the staff are awesome, very attentive and professional. Specially I would like to underline Angela, she is very smiling, welcoming and great spirit!!! Thank you for the amazing night!!! Angela - on my trip to Sao Paolo I couldn’t find your recommended white garlic powder, sorry my be next time 😉. One more time thx for great evening.
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