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CURRENT NAME IS FOODLANDS. إذا كنت في ديرة ورغبت بتناول أطايب المائدة الشرقية، كارداموم هو عنوانك الأول. افتتح هذا المطعم الشهير منذ أكثر من خمسة عشر عاماً، وأصبح من الأسماء الراسخة في دبي. تتميز أطباقه الشهية بتوابلها الفريدة، لذلك سوف تستمع بخيارات لا تحصى من أروع المأكولات تشمل طبق تندوري مسالا، وفايف سبايس الصيني.
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    الأحد إلى السبت من 12:00 إلى 24:00, العطلات الرسميّة من 12:00 إلى 24:0

    +971 [0] 4 268 3311

    هور العنز, ديرة

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  • Mr
    It is a good place to dine with Family and friends . The buffet is nice . Many items on the buffet . You get nice service. Also just opposite to the Abu Hail Metro station.
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  • Good place for a buffet
    I have seen this restaurant while passing by the metro above and of course curious to try it out. We went in for a buffet on friday lunch, AED 45 for one person. The buffet spread out looked quite good and we pounced in! Soup was available both veg and non veg option but we didn't try that since if I hav soup I fill up real quick! Started with the salad, the usually hummus, pasta salad, green salad, sprout salad etc. Hummus was good and the moutabel too with fresh pomegranate added to its flavour. The main dishes were quite a lot actually. Variety of meat grills, curries like murg dahi kadai, and chicken biryani(of course). Veggie option too in plenty with schezwan veg noodles, jeera rice, dal, aloo mutter, paneer butter masala, veg grill, mushroom manchurian.... The paneer butter masala was the best dish for me. schezwan noodles were really fiery red in color but no flavour at all. The veg grill was just OK. Mushroom manchurian was good too. Chicken biryani got a good review from my partner. We were served the naan basket at our table. Next came the dessert. We had the coconut burfi, which was good, fresh fruits and the creme caramel custard which was tasty as well. There was also Um ali and moong dal halwa available. All the dishes are quite fresh. The number of people were quite less actually, I expected the place to be full. Service was really good though and parking available in plenty in front. Good option for bringing over some guests since there is ample space and variety of food.
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  • Highly recommended
    Very nice place to eat In , the price of the buffet was 55 dhs per person not included drinks , all food was there , indian food from A to Z , fresh and clean u can see the kitchen , a lot of choices , salads , soups main course , sweets , very good value of money I will recommend for everyone
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