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عندما تجد نفسك بالقرب من مرسى دبي، ننصحك بزيارة مطعم فيوم في مبنى بير 7. يتكامل التصميم المبتكر والديكور الكلاسيكي مع قائمة الطعام بطابعها المنزلي، ما يعكس هوية مدينة دبي المتعددة الثقافات. ويستخدم المطبخ أساليب الطهي التقليدية كالتبخير البارد والساخن والتمليح والطهي البطيء. ومن أبرز ما تتضمنه قائمة الطعام طبق لحم البقر المطهو بعناية، فطيرة فخذ الضأن، وشرائح الستيك والمأكولات البحرية المشوية على الفحم.
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    الأحد إلى الأربعاء من 12:00 إلى 01:00, الخميس إلى السبت من 12:00 إلى 02:00

    +971 [0] 4 421 5669

    بير 7, مرسى دبي, جميرا

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  • Breakfast feast with a view
    I went to Fume to try out their breakfast and one tip I can give you is prepare for a breakfast feast! If you are a fan of avocado and salmon like I am, then Fümé is the place for you as they have quite a few options offering this combo. You must try the lotus pancakes if you have a sweet tooth. Also the view is of the marina which is great!
  • Amazing!!
    We've had an unexpected amazing night out here! We ate steak tartar, the tuna steak and 650 gram T-bone steak recommended by our host Marshall and all dishes exceeded our expectations! Very well cooked and presented! It was my husband's birthday and they came unexpectedly with candles and a song at the table :) The staff were all great and super friendly, but a big thank you to Marshall, you made our night and we come back for you!
    Our first error was in believing anything that our tour rep told us in our hotel (Grand Hyatt). This included his advice that The Marina was packed with great places to eat and that Pier 7 was brilliant. Perhaps we just didn't project an image of a couple wanting food beyond a fast food burger. Having taken the long taxi journey right across town to get to Pier 7, we firstly spent half an hour or so walking along the Marina promenade looking for some restaurant that looked that bit special. We didn't find one. There are a few fast food joints here and the odd restaurant but nothing that looked to us like a special venue, so we headed back to Pier 7. Pier 7 is a single, tall building that has a different restaurant on each of seven floors. There is nothing on the ground floor to describe each restaurant, just a floor directory announcing which restaurant is on which floor. The only way to check out each restaurant is to take the lift up to that floor and go into the restaurant to see. Finally, we opted for Fume, a sort of fusion bar with a mixture of Mexican and Mediterranean and Asian food. The place is quite comfortable and friendly but there's nothing particularly special or memorable here. Service is OK We ordered a variety of dishes on a sort of tapas basis and everything was fine. Not fantastic, but fine. My wife's chilli shrimp dish was pretty good and my ribeye steak was slightly better than the norm. All in all, this meal for two cost us about £120 which, for Dubai, is about average. We made a further mistake in just jumping into the taxi that stood outside the door upon exit for our journey back across town to our hotel, at double the cost of a regular taxi and adding another £60 or so to the cost of our evening. As it happens, we would have done better to simply stay in the Grand Hyatt and eat there. This experience was OK but, for a special holiday in Dubai, Fume disappoints.
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سي فاير ستيك هاوس أند بار
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