ساهم بالحد من مخلّفات الطعام في جرامو
تشتهر دبي بالبذخ والترف، وبخاصة في وجبات الغداء السخية، حيث ترمى كميات كبيرة من الطعام في نهاية اليوم. يهدف مطعم جرامو إلى تغيير هذا المفهوم، باعتماده مبدأ دفع قيمة وجبتك بناء على وزنها. ومن خلال تشجيعك على تناول الطعام الذي تدفع ثمنه، يأمل المطعم في المساهمة بالحد من تبديد المأكولات. وتتميز قائمته بخياراتها الشهية، وتضم مجموعة من المأكولات العربية التقليدية والعالمية.
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الموقع الإلكتروني
55.14315051 25.07200155غرامو/@25.07200155,55.14315051
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  • غرامو

    الأحد إلى الخميس من 10:00 إلى 23:00, الجمعة إلى السبت من 10:00 إلى 22:00

    +971 [0] 4 440 9302

    برج إنديجو آيكون, الثنية االخامسة, حدائق محمد بن راشد

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  • Good Choice & For Lunch
    Ladies & Gentlemen, this is my 183rd review and counting. Overall it is for a quick business lunch, the atmosphere of the place itself is pretty good and the member of staff has been extremely supportive and kind. Mr. Zander from Manila seems to be a nice guy, the restaurant does also offer their menu on iPads. Their selection of food was fine, please refer to the photos itself. The food goes per weight, it will be around AED 8 / 100 gram and usually AED 24 is the average. We had 28.80 the lowest and 34.40 the highest. Will probably go again, the sea-food and salad was good, the beef goulash a little dry, but with a bit of olive oil and vinegar, salt and pepper it tastes good. I think they should do it like Cluster A "Nosh", open buffet and water / orange juice including.
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  • excellent food and great staff
    i went there for a lunch having buffet with my friends and it was a great experience , having a theme for weigh what you eat, that is very unusual but i think its a great idea. Over all it was a great food and goo price.
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  • Best lunch buffet !!
    I have been going to this restaurant for their lunch buffer for one year and it is always flawless!! Fresh good, great variety and it seems to have the same taste as your grandma was preparing your lunch!! Just the best!!! Without mentioning how affordable it is!! Great food for around 35 aed!! Highly recommend
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