اختبر روعة الاسترخاء في
تعتبرهذه الردهة الأنيقة المعلم الأبرز في فندق العنوان، والوجهة المثالية للاسترخاء والاجتماع بالأصدقاء. وتضم قائمته مجموعة متنوعة من السلطات الطازجة والسندويتشات والمشروبات والمعجنات. وتتميز الردهة بتقديم الشاي في فترة ما بعد الظهر، حيث يمكنك الجلوس على كرسي جلدي مريح واختيار ما تشتهيه من 26 صنفاً من الشاي قبل تناول الوجبة المؤلفة من أربعة أطباق. بعد كعكات كريمة ديفونشاير، يأتي دور السندويتشات والكعكات الصغيرة، والمعجنات والحلويات العربية.
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    العنوان دبي مول, برج خليفة, زعبيل

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  • Very nice place but the Air Conditionning is way too cold at this time of the year
    I have been a regular guest of Karat for over 5 years and very pleased. The service is great, the choice of The is wide and of good quality. Overall a great place to be. Few point must be taken into considerations though., The Air conditioning during the winter period IS WAY TOO COLD. The team here is surely always supportive and do the necessary, but there is no consistence and we have to ask over and over to change the temperature. It is annoying especially in a period where it is not hot outside. I would appreciate some efforts on this front or unfortunately we will have consider other options. Finally, I also believe that the food menu would benefit to be updated from time to time and offer perhaps wider healthy options.
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  • Sweet waitress, nice pastry, tea and coffee
    I was there with my boyfriend on our vacation for the afternoon tea which was really good and for him the pastry was the “it”. Actually he is not the type to eat sweets but those, kind of got him so we came back to Karat and got the golden coffee, and our waitress Rodica, we still remember her name because she had a really sweet and professional attitude towards us, knew the russian language and the slavic culture that made us feel really welcomed and special at Karat. We will go there again, for sure. It was a really pleasant experience.
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  • Pleasant afternoon tea but have had better
    Pleasant lobby area, lovely crockery and lovely sweets are the plus. The minus was the quite slow service, and too much sweets vs savoury on the tea plate. There were only 4 very small sandwiches to 5 sweets plus scones. We asked if we could have more savoury to sweets and the reply was a curt "No" Pleasant but I didn't feel it was value for money compared to other afternoon teas I have had in Dubai.
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Al-Mamzar-Centre التسوق
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فخامة تليق بكبار الشخصيات
استمتع بتناول الطعام وانعم بالاسترخاء في جي كواي بارجي كواي بار
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