مطعم و صالة كرم كافيه

مطعم و صالة كرم كافيه
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ينفرد كارما كافيه بموقعه الفريد في سوق البحر ويعتبر العنوان المفضل لقضاء أمسية مميزة بتكلفة معتدلة. تولى تصميم كارما كافيه مبتكرو الملتقى الليلي المميز بودا بار. وهو يتميز بتصميمه الداخلي المماثل لبودا بار ولمساته المخملية الراقية، بالإضافة إلى خياراته المنوعة من ألذ المشروبات. يوفر لك كارما كافيه فرصة الاسترخاء على الشرفة والاستمتاع بمشاهدة نافورة دبي الراقصة.
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55.27655338 25.19478064مطعم و صالة كرم كافيه/@25.19478064,55.27655338
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  • مطعم و صالة كرم كافيه

    الجمعة إلى السبت من 12:00 إلى 02:00, الأحد إلى الخميس من 15:00 إلى 02:00

    +971 [0] 4 423 0909

    سوق البحار, برج خليفة, زعبيل

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  • Perfect location to see Dubai Fountain show on deck, and great service
    We were trying to check out the Dubai fountains on New Year's Day evening, it was very crowded. We stumbled into karma kafe thinking they might have a good view from their upstairs patio. What a great choice. The service was very helpful, food was delish, and several of the tables (only a few), have a great view of the nightly fountain show. Even though we did not have reservations, the hostess went out of her way to try to get us a good view outside. After seating at a decent, but not optimal table, the hostess let us move later to the perfect viewing table when it came open. It was great to see the show and the burj Khalifa lighting without so much jostling around. Although it is fair to say that other diners came and crowded all around our table each time the show went off. In any event, I would definitely return. It's a really cool bar, cool scene, great location and outstanding service.
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  • Good food, but expensive on the drinks
    With a great location and views from the terrace it worth a visit , food is tasty but don’t drink to much or you will get a shock when you receive your bill
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  • Amazing find !
    We came across this place by chance after coming to watch the fountain show.Afterwards we took a stroll & found this place tucked away upstairs.We were a party of six adults & were seated by a hostess after a drink at the bar.The barman was friendly & made us up a variety of lovely cocktails.Our seats were excellent as we were seated out on the terrace with the fountain view beside us which was fantastic.The only downside is that as soon as a show starts lots of guests get up & stand by your table to watch.Some don't seem to realise you are trying to eat as they hurry to get a space which can be a pain as no staff try to oversee this.This is the only downside as the food was excellent.The waiter was very knowledgable & we went on his recommendmendations & tried some new dishes.We were so glad that we took his advice as they were so good & not what we would normally opt for.We will definitely come back & dine here again.A great find !!!
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