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يقع مطعم لي كلاسيك على أرض نادي الإمارات للغولف، ويعتبر هذا المطعم الكلاسيكي ملاذًا مميزًا في دبي يقدم أشهى المأكولات الفرنسية للنخبة في المدينة لأكثر من 25 عامًا. وجدير بالذكر أن تجربة هذا المطعم برمتها رسمية بعض الشيء، فهناك غرفة الطعام المفعمة بجو حميمي مع الأسلوب الصارم في اللباس، حيث يتطلب زيًا ‘رسميًا أنيقًا’. وهناك كذلك الأطباق المميزة في القائمة، على غرار معكرونة الرافيولي إسكارجوت المغموسة في الدجاج الطري المطهي جيدًا، و اللوبستر ترميدور وكريب سوزيت مع صلصة البرتقال بالكراميل.
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55.1628105 25.0848604مطعم لي كلاسيك/@25.0848604,55.1628105
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  • مطعم لي كلاسيك

    من 12:00 إلى 15:00 و من 19:00 إلى 24:00

    +971 [0] 4 380 2222

    نادي الإمارات للجولف, الثنية الثالثة, حدائق محمد بن راشد

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    Sophisticated, understated, elegant, not excessively expensive, good food, great professional and friendly service. What else is there to say other than sadly Le Classique close its doors at the end of the month I hope a new version of it is in the planning - have to wait and see!!!!
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  • Mothers day brunch
    To start I need to mention the Brunch format was changed due to many cancellations because of the rain. On entering it reminded me a bit of the Ritz in London very up market, very nice table settings and a lovely set up. My wife and my friends wife where greeted with a glass of Moet and a bouquet of flowers which was a very nice touch. We were served our drinks and the starters were brought to the table, now i'm no sea food lover but I thought I would try the some of the selection and I have to say they were delicious Seared Tuna, Sea Bass, King Fish and I even tried the Foie Gras, it was silky smooth just lovely to taste. We then had the mains we had The Scallops and The Chicken in Bok Choy both dishes were excellent both in taste and presentation and then onto the deserts, fantastic selection and all far too nice. There was no rush to leave the drink flowed freely throughout the afternoon, the service was very attentive and polite and yet again another very enjoyable brunch and a great afternoon. Looking forward to going back when the sun is shining and experience the full on Brunch
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  • Le Classique restaurant
    Fabulous 3 course meal at Le Classique, with spectacular, elevated views across the golf course. Excellent service by Shafraz and Evelyn and a visit to our table by the talented chef, Remi. We highly recommend a visit to this restaurant! Steve + Shama xx
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