تذوّق أشهى النكهات الهندية في ماهيك
استعد للانطلاق في رحلة بين أطايب المائدة الهندية النباتية وغير النباتية، بدءاً بطبق الشات الأصيل كما يتم إعداده في المدن الهندية، وانتهاءاً بالجمبري بالكاري من شواطئ جوا. مع كل تلك التوابل، سيتوجب عليك تناول مشروب منعش لتروي عطشك، ولحسن الحظ يدرك العاملون في هذا المطعم ما هو المشروب الذي يلائم اختيارك من المأكولات. يقع مطعم ماهيك في مركز المؤتمرات وفندق لو ميريديان دبي بمنطقة القرهود.
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    الخميس إلى الجمعة من 12:00 إلى 15:30, 19:00 إلى 03:00 الأحد إلى الأربعاء & السبت من 12:00 إلى 15:30, 19:00 إلى 02:00

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    لو ميرديان دبي, القرهود, ديرة

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  • Overpriced
    We tried set menu . Food quality and service was good but it is overpriced. Vegetarian starters were good . Go for alacarte only . Avoid set menu
  • Not as British a curry as I'd hoped
    We're staying at the Le Meridien hotel and this restaurant is attached and decided to give it a go tonight for dinner. I'm a great Indian food lover and I'm left a little disappointed here as my taste is British Indian and this unfortunately wasn't. No disrespect-meant to the restaurant or its staff as the welcome was friendly the service excellent and the decor was clean cut and modern but I don't think we'll return.
  • It was Friday Iftar
    Mahec is considered a fine dining Indian restaurant located at Le Meridien Airport Road. This was my second visit. The restaurant's interrios is done well and it has a good ambiance - little low on lighting though... in the cooler months it will be great to sit out. Hubby and I went for the mandatory Friday eat out Iftar. It did not disappoint. The salad bar was good and well stocked with the right kind of food - my suggestion is that they should have the fresh fruits at the salad bar as that is the first thing you look for to break your fast along with dates and a juice/water. It was left at the dessert counter and we had to ask for fruits. They had the tomato soup, which was more a a makhani gravy and less of a soup, it was very thick and extremely creamy - this was one soup maybe the chef can re-invent. The grill items were very good variety and all done to perfection. There was meat, veg, chicken and fish - all distinctly having their own spices and flavours - all the meats well cooked. The main courses too had a very good variety, surprisingly I liked the mutton biryani - it was grainy, right amount of ghee and not overpowering with rose essence (i am on a quest to find that perfect biryani in Dubai). The sweets were limited and I thought they could do better here with offering a better variety. We had the ras malai - and I even had a second helping, its texture was pillowy soft. The mango mousse needed more mango in it... All the food here was a little less on spice - I guess keeping in mind the clientele from the hotel that they receive. The charges for the Iftar per person is very reasonable - given the variety, quantity and also what other 5 star properties are offering. Service is great and you can be assured to be well looked after.
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