مطعم ومقهى ماما تاني
استمتع بتناول خبز الخمير في ماما تاني

ماما تاني، الذي يعني ‘الأم الثانية’ باللغة العربية، هو مقهى ومطعمًا عصريًاé في جميرا، حيث يقدم مجموعة متنوعة من الأطباق المحلية، بما في ذلك خبز الخمير الإماراتي التقليدي. وقد سُمي هذا المطعم على اسم جدة مالكيه،’ التي ألهمتهم وغرست في عقولهم عشق تصنيع المواد الغذائية الطازجة المصنوعة يوميًا بالمكونات المعدة بشكل جيد، حيث يقدم هذا المطعم خبز الخمير مع مجموعة متنوعة من الحشوات الحلوة والمالحة لإضفاء البهجة على الزوار والسكان المحليين على حد سواء.


جرب حشوات بالجبنة الكريمي والكزبرة والمكسرات المحمصة أو الكريمة الحلوة الوردية المترفة الشهية والفستق والتين. يمكنك حتى أن تصنع بنفسك ‘وجبة مُخصَّصة’ من خبز الخمير مع إضافة الحشوات المميزة من اختيارك. أكمل وجبتك مع أحد المشروبات المخلوطة التقليدية أو شاي الكرك، الكاكاو الساخن أو القهوة العربية لدى مقهى ماما تاني’.
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البريد الإلكتروني
الموقع الإلكتروني
55.25115024 25.21507148مطعم ومقهى ماما تاني/@25.21507148,55.25115024
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  • مطعم ومقهى ماما تاني

    الأحد إلى الأربعاء من 08:30 إلى 22:30, الخميس إلى السبت من 08:30 إلى 23:30

    +971 [0] 4 385 4437

    تاون سنتر جميرا, جميرا الاولى, جميرا

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  • Wonderful local food, excellent service
    I highly recommend this quaint restaurant. All hand made local and delicious. The service is amazing. Don't miss it.
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  • Dubai blogger
    Mama tani cafe serves the best Emirati cuisine 👌🏻 tastes so good & Fresh ..the Karak chai is just amazing ..Chicken Tandoor Pizza .. Chocolate camel shake 👌🏻 Highly Recommended place to visit
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  • Absolutely fresh food for the soul !
    The only Emirati cafe in Downtown serving soul food that gives a complete feeling of home. The place gets you so relaxed with the board games that you'd probably want to spend your days and evenings here enjoying with friends and family and also have some yummy food. The service is excellent. We were served by Mohammad and Carla who are happy faces. They are very well informed and extremely helpful. The interiors are very authentic yet very modern. We started our food journey with a Fattoush Salad and a Date & Walnut Celery Salad. The Fattoush was fresh, flavourful and crunchy. It has the crisps in rings instead of the regular crisps pieces which makes the salad even more crunchy. The Date & Walnut Celery Salad could be my everyday meal. It had the freshest of dates, caramelized walnuts and fresh celery. The Emirati cuisine speciality is the khameer and we did not miss it. In the savoury, we tried the regular khameer with filled with labneh, basil leaves, walnuts and black olives. It was piping hot, fresh and delicious. In the starters, we has the Taouk Khameer Sandwich which has char-grilled chicken skewers with baked potato wedges, pickle, grilled tomato, garlic sauce wrapped in the a stone baked khameer and served with herbed potato fries. The chicken was extremely fresh and flavourful and what made it taste better is that all the food came freshly baked and hot. A thirst quencher was necessary for this weather and we tried the awesome Basil Orange drink. It was absolutely refreshing. I could not believe that we could get a khameer in a pizza. We tried the freshly baked tandoori khameer with tandoori chicken, a red harissa topping, sumac onions, bell peppers, black olives and mozzarella cheese with chopped parsley and coriander. Again freshly baked and a great home made taste, we just loved it. We were served the Rose Pista in the blended cold drinks and it felt like we were being pampered at home. Reminded me of the hospitable culture back home where the food continues irrespective of eating so much. We ended the meal with The Awesomeness and The Rose breads that were sweet. Traditional khameer stuffed with peanut butter, nutella and almond flakes in one and rose cream, pistachios and figs in the other. How does one resist such tasty sweets even though they are so rich. Loved them ! We also tried the The Pistachio and Rose cakes that were fresh and soft cakes with layers of pistachio and rose cream respectively topped with generous portions of finely cut pistachios. Each of this cake can be a meal by itself. I truly loved the hospitality and the freshness as well as the taste of the food. It is true soul food.
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