بلانتيشن لاونج
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يوفر "بلانتيشن لاونج" بديلاً مريحاً عن الأماكن المزدحمة بمساحته الرحبة وأجوائه الهادئة. توفر الصالة الأنيقة أجواء مثالية لشرب كوب من الشاي أو تناول وجبة خفيفة بعد الظهر، ومع حلول المساء حين تسطع أضواء ناطحات السحاب في دبي، يفيض السحر في أرجاء "بلانتيشن لاونج"، ما يجعل منه وجهة مثالية لتناول المأكولات الشهية وقضاء وقتٍ ممتع.
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    +971 [0] 4 448 4848

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  • Disappointing and not worth it
    We visited this place few times both this stay and a year before. Generally we quite liked it and that's why we were coming back. All visits were for a dinner or drink. We travel with almost three year old kid. Last week we went for dinner as the place we intended to go was fully booked. Our experience was controversial and disappointing both on quality of food/drinks and service. The name of our waiter was Bhudev. We requested our usual choice. My wife had Bloody Mary and we clearly specified that it must be no spice in it. It came spicy. We requested to change it. For the second time it came with less spice but still spicy. For the third time again it came very watery and still with the spice. Looked like they didn't prepare a new one but dilute the previous one with water and tomato juice. Bhudev didn't demonstrate right attitude and treated us more like trouble makers. It was disappointing experience because for our previous visits Bloody Mary was done to our standards. And that's a drink that cost you in Dubai 16 USD. Also my wife ordered one of the most expensive dishes in the menu (octopus). We asked how many legs and we didn't get precise answer that it was coming with just one (34 USD). Also it came with some sort of risotto that was again spicy. On the bright side my burger was good and I enjoyed it. Lastly our waiter slightly hit our 3 year old daughter's head by the plate. We believed it was accidental but nevertheless it was not you expect when you come to 5 star hotel. My wife half finished both food and became famous drink. The evening dinner was completely ruined. It came for a cost of 120 USD.
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  • Excellent dinner, everyone loved it.
    Me and eight friends dined at Plantation in June 2017. A number of us were staying at the hotel so it was a convenient place to go. We were all quite surprised at just how good the food was. We went in with no expectations; however, all nine of us came away highly impressed by the food and wine. I started with a crab bisque, which was very nice. I then had an octopus risotto for my main, which was delicious. It comprised one large octopus tentacle on a bed of tasty risotto. The octopus was the most tender I have ever had, an excellent dish. My companions also all enjoyed their food courses and drinks. The restaurant itself is quite nice with interesting illuminated art on display. All up a good meal and nothing at all to complain about. A terrific evening out.
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  • Nice early morning breakfast
    The 24h breakfast option is nice with fruits, eggs, bead basket, coffee and juice. The service and overall ambiance is good too. Guess it's the only place in Dubai that will serve you breakfast around the clock.
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