برايم ستيك هاوس
وجبة شهية وإطلالة مميزة
بفضل تصميمه الداخلي الأنيق وإطلالته الساحرة على مضمار "ميدان"، يعتبر "برايم ستيك هاوس" الوجهة المثالية لتناول وجبة شهية في أجواء رومنسية. استمتع بشرائح لحم "تاجيما واجيو" التي يتميز بها المطعم، أما إذا لم تكن من محبي الستيك، يوفر لك "برايم" العديد من الخيارات الشهية الأخرى التي تشمل طبق السلمون، صدور الدجاج المشّوية، وتورتة الليمون الحامض.
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البريد الإلكتروني
الموقع الإلكتروني
55.30174274 25.15744127برايم ستيك هاوس/@25.15744127,55.30174274
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  • برايم ستيك هاوس

    الأحد إلى السبت من 07:00 إلى 23:30

    +971 [0] 4 381 3111

    فندق ميدان, ند الشبا الاولى, حدائق محمد بن راشد

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  • ستيك ولا اروع
    ان المطعم فخم جدا ورائع مع اطلالة على ميدان السباق وهادئ وموظفون ودودين ولقد تذوقت الذ ستيك طعمة لحد الان في مخيلتي يذوب بالفم وخدمة جميلة ولقد كان يوم ميلادي واخبرت الطاقم واخبرو الشيف وعمل لي كعكة شوكولاتة فاخرة مجانا لكن الاسعار مرتفعة لاكن على خدمة وطعم يستحق تجربة وبشدة
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  • Appalling, Unprofessional, Unpleasant!
    Dear Meydan management, I would like to share my experience in Prime steakhouse, from yesterday October 25tg 2017! A few months back, I earned a gift certificate for AED 500 for any of the restaurants in Meydan Hotel. The voucher indicates: “ Validity Date” 25 April 2017! And on the back: “ Valid for 6months from the date of issue”! Since no other date is on the certificate, its only logical to think “Validity date” is the date of issue! Consequently, since the 25 Oct 2017 is the last day its valid, I booked a table for two (clearly mentioning that I have a gift certificate I was planning on using. The employee said, that I can redeem the certificate for a set menu. Thats was fine with me!)on Tuesday the 24th for Wensday the 25, to enjoy a nice dinner. But that didn’t happen! Let me explain. We arrived on time and the hostess new already who we were (remembered my name and the fact that I had mentioned about the gift certificate!)and that I have booked a table, so she took us to the table. She asked for the gift certificate and we handed it over to her, to double check everything! Up to this point everything was great. A few minutes later, the waitress comes to bring the menus and informed is that with the specific gift certificate, there ia no need for a set menu , but they will deduct AED 500 (value of gift) from total bill! Even better! We ordered a bottle of water and started going through the menu. Another few minutes later, another guy(assistant manager?) comes to question the gift certificate’s origin and I explained how we got it! He said ok, just wanted to be sure. We then ordered. Drinks arrived and some bread! Another few minutes and the same guy comes again to say that gift voucher is expired! I tried to explain the obvious (as mentioned above ) but said he that there’s nothing he can do! Only a small 25% discount. All of that was really frustrating! So, we left! Stood up and left! No one to say anything! Basically appalling! Restaurant had already prepared the dishes I assume, we had drinks and starter was just arriving when we left. Definitely the bill would be more than just the value of the gift certificate! And all went to waste! And please note, that restaurant was practically empty (only two other tables used)! The experience really very bad! The way they treated the whole things, incredibly unprofessional and unpleasant! Hope you will take this seriously! All the best for the customer to come. Looking forward to your reply! Regards George
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  • amazing
    The steak was cooked to perfection staff were great and always on hand. we also had afternoon tea in here daily which was also beyond brilliant.
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