مأكولات شهية بأسعار خيالية
يتفرد هذا المطعم في دبي بتقديم بوفيه مفتوح طوال الأسبوع بأسعار معتدلة. يعتبر "برومينيد" الوجهة المتميزة لمحبي المأكولات العالمية والراغبين بالاستمتاع بأجواء مريحة وعصرية تتجلى في التصميم الداخلي الأنيق الذي يتميز بمفروشاته الحديثة وأضوائه الطبيعية ونباتات الزينة الخضراء.
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55.2995112 25.2575545بروميناد/@25.2575545,55.2995112
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    الجمعة من 06:30 إلى 04:00, الأحد إلى الخميس & السبت من 06:30 إلى 03:00, العطلات الرسميّة من 06:30 إلى 03:00

    +971 [0] 4 397 7444

    فور بوينتس باي شيراتون بر دبي, الحمرية, بردبي

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  • Good hotel,great friendly breakfast restaurant
    I stayed at this hotel 2 nights, had breakfast twice, great food variety for breakfast,had really one of the best service by the friendliest smiley hostess, a young indian lady ,her name Rajni Chettri, excellent representation of the hotel and restaurant.
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  • Limited yet enjoyable iftaar
    Since the holy month of Ramadan I have been trying out different places for Iftar and oh my I have had quite a bit of good ones this time. Promenade is one of the recent places I tried out. The restaurant being located at the lobby level of Four point Sheraton hotel had invited me to try out their version of Ramadan iftar buffet and Yes of course I was thrilled to see what they had to offer!  The Iftar at promenade started off with a personalized dates, pistachios & cashew platter with my handle written in style – wow impressive is the word! The restaurant had quite a spread of salad section along with choice of drinks wherein I chose the Jallab (my favorite Ramadan drink). Choice of soup was available too. The menu is quite limited which allows one and all to try a bit of everything. Moving on was the spread of main course with options of gravy, stew and kebabs. I wished if there were more option of dry items to enjoy along with naan rather than more of gravy. At the end of the main course was the option of Vegetarian rolls & spring onion and for the non vegetarian’s kebbeh. A separate bread station is also provided with a variety of naan, bread & stuffed bread + choice of dip / spread The highlight for the night would definitely be the Chole station with the Indian naan. I loved that a live cooking station was present for the same – definitely made a difference. The next was the desserts: of course I would end my meal without it :) Made sure to try out all their desserts – a mix of Indian, Arabic & international pastries. I loved the Jelabi, Kunafa and Basboussa to be more precise. We ended our meal with a cup of coffee and bid farewell. Overall enjoyed Iftar with Four points Sheraton at Promenade. A limited yet enjoyable buffet experience is what would be offered here. Do try it out all for AED 89/-
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  • Delicious food with prompt service !!
    Recently i visited Promenade for Iftaar, and i am very satisfied with the food and service. The spread was wide and had selection of Salad, Desserts and main course. The live Chana Bhatura station was highlight of the buffet. I personally liked Chana bhatura and jalebi the most!!
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