ساي دهام
أطباق هندية نبايتة
يعتبر مطعم "ساي دام" الوجهة المفضلة للبناتيين في منطقة عود ميثاء بدبي، حيث يمكنهم تذوق مأكولات شهية تضم تشكيلة غنية مستوحاة من ثقافة شمالي الهند. يقوم المطعم بإعداد الطعام بأسلوب "ساتفيك" التقليدي دون استخدام البصل والثوم، وتتميز هذه المأكولات بنقاء مكوّناتها كما تُسهم في تعزيز صفاء الذهن والاستقرار العاطفي والتوازن. اختبر متعة تذوق المأكولات النباتية المميزة، بما في ذلك "ميتي موتر مالاي"، والبازلاء الخضراء الطازجة المطبوخة في المرق الحار.
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55.30757955 25.23562061ساي دهام/@25.23562061,55.30757955
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  • ساي دهام

    الأحد إلى السبت من 11:30 إلى 15:30, و 19:00 إلى 23:30 العطلات الرسميّة من 11:30 إلى 15:30 و 19:00 إلى 23:30

    +971 [0] 4 336 6552

    عود ميثاء, بردبي

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  • Great vegetarian food and temple like decor
    Delicious food and anticipatory service. I am very regular here and they what we like and are very friendly. They also serve jain food.
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  • Great Ambiance
    While passing by the place we got attracted to the looks of the restaurant and we just stopped by for a quick Pani Puri. The Restaurant had great Ambiance and superb menu selection for vegetarian/Jain food. However we didn't enjoy the pani Puri served as they missed to serve the chutney with it and the water itself wasn't tasty enough. While paying bill we were asked for feedback by the same server and i was honest with it. The manager standing next to him heard the feedback and forced us to stay, while he ran to kitchen to get us a few more pani puris' with proper accompaniments, which tasted the way it should be. We liked the prompt action of the manager and the way they received our feedback.
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  • Hand down my Favourite Budget North Indian Restaurant in Dubai.
    This place is hands down my favourite budget North Indian Restaurant in Dubai. Sai Dham or the abode of 'Sai' - a Spiritual Master who lived in India in the early 1900's truly lives up to it's name. The ambience is unexpectedly peaceful for an Indian restaurant, soothing Indian bhajans play in the background and the decor is simple yet elegant. The restaurant specialises in traditional Northern Indian cuisine. I'm talking about fresh wholemeal Tandoori Rotis (a type of Indian bread) and a delectable variety of Indian curries (my favourites are assorted vegetables cooked in cashew cream and the delicious Tawa Subzi - roasted vegetables spiced with Indian flavours and tossed in a tangy tomato sauce). I was surprised to find that the Crispy Bhindi (Okra) and Babycorn were not oily (a rare occurrence) and bang on on flavours. The selection of Kebabs is delightful and they taste delicious with the mint chutney. The staff was courteous and our waiter didn't blink an eye when we requested for Vegan (non-dairy) and Jain ( excluding all root vegetables) food. Sai Dham serves Sattvic food i.e food rich in Prana 'life-force', organic fresh fruits and vegetables that promote wellness. The menu explains each item in detail. There is also a short section on the life of Sai Baba in the menu which I thoroughly enjoyed reading as I waited for the food to arrive. The food, I could tell was freshly prepared and didn't leave me feeling heavy in the stomach. A very pleasant evening. On another visit, we were a total of 23 people and everyone ordered the Weekend Sai Dham Thali which comes with 2 Entrees, 3 Curries, a Dal, Indian Breads, Rice, Salad and unlimited refills. It only cost us AED 35 per person and the food was unbelievably delicious! I highly recommend this place to anyone craving for freshly prepared delicious North Indian food. You will have a most relaxed evening with good food and prices that are pocket friendly.
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