سيفود إن إي باكيت
استمتع بالوجبات البحرية بطريقة مبتكرة
تماماً كما يوحي اسمه بالإنجليزية، يقدم "سي فود إن إيه باكيت" لرواده كميات من المأكولات البحرية في أوانٍ فضية يمكن مشاركتها مع الأصدقاء على الغداء أو العشاء. استمتع بمذاق المأكولات البحرية، حيث تشمل الخيارات الشهية الجمبري و"اللوبستر" وبلح البحر والمحار والهامور مع مجموعة متنوعة من الصلصات الفريدة.
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55.30870053 25.25226155سيفود إن إي باكيت/@25.25226155,55.30870053

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  • Casual seafood restaurant
    We have been here several times so it only means that we love this place when we are craving for seafood. The best would be the shrimp and they have different types of sauce that you can request but I highly recommend the garlic and butter and you can dip it in vinegar with a little salt. They will provide you with a cellophane hand gloves for you to eat properly although utensils could be available if requested. The rice is really good since it's warm and cooked properly. The lobster is a bit pricey even if the size is kind of small. The juice options are really good and more than enough for one person. We will go back soon :)
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  • Great place for Sea foods
    Me and my family usually visit this place when we crave for sea food. Service is real fast and the sea foods are fresh. I usually order the Garlic shrimp, Lobster basket & Mussels .
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  • seafoods in a cute bucket
    I love seafoods! Most especially the crabs and shrimps. In this restaurant, they adapted the Filipino way of eating. Of course you will enjoy savouring the foods by your hands. They have plastic gloves, so no worries for the after smell. The food I ordered has unlimited rice so I enjoyed it.
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