ذا بيتش هاوس
اختبر أجواء فريدة في ذا بيش هاوس
عندما يصبح الجو معتدلاً في دبي، لا تفوّت فرصة الجلوس على الشرفة الخارجية المطلة على شاطىء البحر في "ذا بيتش هاوس" بنخلة جميرا، والاستمتاع بتذوّق وجبة غداء أو عشاء ضمن أجواء هادئة ومناظر خلاّبة. تضم قائمة المأكولات الغنية مجموعة من الأطباق المتوسطية كالبيتزا والتاباس والمأكولات البحرية. ومن الخيارات المتميزة طبق برغر البقر واجيو الفاخر مع سلطة الملفوف "كولسلو" والبطاطس المقلية، وطبق حلوى البودينغ الشهي.
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55.15331903 25.12958146ذا بيتش هاوس/@25.12958146,55.15331903
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  • ذا بيتش هاوس

    الأحد إلى السبت من 12:00 إلى 16:00 و من 19:00 إلى 23:30

    +971 [0] 4 567 8304

    أنانتارا بالم دبي ريزورت, نخلة جميرا, جميرا

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  • Vastly Improved
    Firstly I just want to give context to this review. I’m reviewing as a hotel guest with a large family with us. For us this was a wonderful family restaurant and made a big contribution to us having a great vacation at Anantara Hotel. We had lunch here every day for 6 days and dinner twice. It has a very casual atmosphere which we enjoyed, a good menu, attentive staff and excellent food and beverage quality. It is very child friendly as well. We stayed at Anantara 2 years ago and complained about how inconsistent this restaurant was. Not so this time. It was very consistent and the staff went out of there way to ensure we enjoyed each time we visited. Particular thanks from the McGregor family to Parash, Helen and AJ for looking after us so well.
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  • Mixed feeling
    So I have been to the beach house on two separate occasions. Neither time with a reservation. The first time was fantastic. The staff were welcoming and more that happy to help with every request we had. On the second visit to the venue. We are beyond disappointed. We stood and waited at the entrance. There were no staff to welcome us or seat us. We decided to walk in and see if we could find a table or staff. We did find staff who were not friendly but in turn asked us to wait to be helped. Which we did. Eventually we had another lady come to us who couldn’t figure out what we were there for. After explaining that we would like to be seated we were told to sit at the high tables on the side while a table is dressed for us. Keeping in mind there were a few empty. We eventually get a table. Still not asked if we would like a drink or anything. We decided to stay at the high table and offered that she give it to the family after us. She did not and they left upset. Now we have been at the venue for almost 10 minutes and still have not had any service. We asked a waiter to serve us. Only to wait another 10 minutes for our order and the front of house lady to now ask if she can take our order. Not very good service or management at all. I’m sad as I tell many to go to the beach house.
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  • Great view
    We came here to have a few drinks and enjoyed the sunset. Perfect and very relaxing locations. Food was also good. Unfortunately the service is extremely bad. No one looks after you. Your glasses remain empty if you don’t ask the waiter for a new one. Our food was not removed from the table for one hour, while the restaurant was pretty empty. Staff was fully focused on preparing empty tables for the upcoming dinner. I highly recommend to train the staff and also the F&B Manager ASAP on customer service. We are testing a lot of restaurants in Dubai and we will come back in a 3 months to see if there is any improvement.
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