ويسترن ستيك هاوس

ويسترن ستيك هاوس
تذوق وجبات اللحم اللذيذة
يتميز مطعم "ويسترن ستيك هاوس" بتصميمه الداخلي البسيط وجدرانه البيضاء النقية ونباتاته الخضراء الجميلة ومقاعده الحمراء اللامعة، ويقدم لضيوفه وجبات تفيض بالنكهات الراقية. اختر ما يطيب لك من قائمته المتنوعة التي تضمّ المقبلات وشرائح اللحم والمأكولات البحرية والأطباق الجانبية، واستمتع بأجواءه الهادئة المثالية للعائلات.
55.2803686 25.2204102ويسترن ستيك هاوس/@25.2204102,55.2803686
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  • Western-Steak-House
  • ويسترن ستيك هاوس

    11:30pm إلى ‎12:00pm ,الأحد‎ إلى ‎السبت‎

    +971 [0] 4 331 1111

    كراون بلازا دبي, المركز التجاري الاولى, جميرا

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  • Good quality steak in a comfortable setting.
    Dinner with some work colleagues and the setting was quiet and suitable for what we were looking for. The quality of the steaks had by all was excellent. Service was good and efficient and unobtrusive but attentive. Would go back again.
  • Nasty Food very poor
    I was drawn in by the Monday night offer which included buffalo wings , steak etc . However very disappointed. The buffalo wings are NOT buffalo wings ! They are a frozen breaded nasty wing with no sauce on absolutely disgusting . The brisket and ribs are just so fatty and rubbery it's just horrible food . And the white chocolate bread pudding was dry and horrible and just yak ..don't waste your money going's a fake restaurant with horrible food . My stomach is hurting with the likes of MSG they use in their sauces .
  • Still good Steaks
    My wife and I were regulars here back in the late 1990s when Dubai had just a handful of Steakhouses. Revisited for dinner last night after several years with an old school friend - we were meeting up after 46 years..... Beers first next door at Harvesters before adjourning to The Steakhouse. We passed on drinks and went straight for our Mains - my friend ordered the 500 grms T Bone Steak while I opted for the smaller 350 grms Rib Eye. We choose mushrooms and a Ceasar Salad for our sides and pepper sauce. The Steaks were cooked as we asked and we enjoyed our dinner. Although it was a Thursday evening, not too many other diners around. Service was efficient.
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