Ramadan in Dubai - Al Multaqa

Imams at Al Multaqa 20150702T034632 20170307T170750:636245032706786730 Entertainment & The Arts Al Multaqa – The 14th Dubai Ramadan Forum, is a key annual event during Ramadan in Dubai. It offers a chance for visitors to hear from some of the world’s most prominent imams in a series of lectures and discussions that cover religion, culture and society. Who are the imams scheduled to speak this year? We’ve got all the details here. The imams who will be speaking at Al Multaqa – The 14th Dubai Ramadan Forum

All you need to know about Al Multaqa

Al Multaqa, is an important part of Ramadan in Dubai. This 14th edition, held in Zabeel Hall at Dubai World Trade Centre comprises a series of lectures presented by notable imams from around the world. The lectures are open for anyone to attend and will highlight important contemporary issues and encourage inter-cultural dialogue.

The history of imams

Imams are very important figures in the Muslim community. The meaning of the word ‘imam’ is ‘to stand in front of’ during prayer time. As such, an imam leads prayers during Islamic celebrations, daily prayers, the tarawih prayers that are recited during Ramadan, and more. Imams are chosen by the community based on their knowledge and wisdom, and as such, are highly respected figures. One of the greatest responsibilities of an imam is to spread and promote the teachings of Islam and be a strong example of those teachings. Imams from around the world are invited to participate in the Dubai Ramadan Forum each year to help educate and encourage inter-cultural dialogue in the community.

Who is speaking at this year’s Dubai Ramadan Forum?

The speakers who will participate in this 14th edition of the Dubai Ramadan Forum are as follows:

  • Sheikh Khalid Yasin was born and raised in New York City. Born as a Christian, Sheikh Khalid embraced Islam in 1965 with the late Sheikh Daud Ahmen Faisal of the Islamic Mission of America located in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Sheikh Hussain Salafi, is an active speaker throughout the GCC and India, and is continuously engaged in Islamic Da'wah, which is the process of inviting people to follow Islamic teachings through preaching. His weekly lectures in Sharjah (the neighbouring emirate of Dubai), have been attended by hundreds of thousands people for more than 20 years.

  • Sheikh Meraj Rabbani is very well known in India and is a member of the shura (consulting committee) of Darul-Ifta wa'l-Irshad religious body in Bangalore.

  • Sheikh Moti-ur Rahman speaks Arabic, Bangla, Urdu and Hindi, and is a well-known preacher in the region. He works as a teacher at Jamiat-ul-Imam al Bukhari (Imam Bukhari University) in India. He is also the author of many books and has recorded more than 600 lectures.

  • Sheikh Nazir Okuindo is Secretary-General of Discover Islam in Baguio City, Philippines, an Islamic centre that caters the need all of Muslims and non-Muslims. He is also an active Arabic Language and Islamic Values Education Teacher at Josefa Carino Elementary School in Baguio City, Philippines.

  • Ferdinand “Freddie” Aguilar was born a Christian but converted to Islam two years ago. He is a famous folk singer in his native Philippines, and is revered by the Filipino diaspora.
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