Dubai Takeaway: Four Questions for Giuliana Rancic

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Four Questions for Giuliana 20161101T091308 20180529T125556:636631953569136683 Entertainment and the Arts in Dubai TV host and personality Giuliana Rancic is a fixture on the global style circuit. The red-carpet regular headed into Dubai to host the first ever celebration of pop culture, PopCon, at Dubai Outlet mall this weekend and we chatted with her about all things Dubai. TV host and personality Giuliana Rancic talks to us about all things Dubai.

Red-carpet star Giuliana Rancic gives us her take on Dubai in an Insta-minute

TV host and personality Giuliana Rancic is a fixture on the global style circuit. The red-carpet regular headed into Dubai to host pop culture celebration, PopCon, at Dubai Outlet Mall, and we caught up with her about all things Dubai.

Welcome back! How has Dubai changed since the last time you visited?

When I came to Dubai for the very first time for the Dubai Shopping Festival, the city was amazing - it was an A+ already. And now that I’m back I notice it’s even better. There are more theme parks now, even better shopping experiences, more malls and more for families to do than ever before.

How would you describe Dubai to your friends?

When I went back to the States after visiting last time, I could not say enough good things about this place. I tell everyone how fabulous Dubai is - I think I’m responsible for about 10 per cent of tourism here because I talk about it all the time!

I feel really at home here; I love the people. And there are so many unique experiences that you can’t get anywhere else in the world.

I always tell my friends that if you want a truly exceptional vacation that you can’t get anywhere else, go to Dubai, and they do, and they love it.


What can families do on vacation here?

There is so much to do here for families and I don’t think people around the world realise how family-friendly Dubai is. I have a four-year-old son and I can’t wait to bring him here because of all the things I’ve experienced that I know he would love. For instance, Ski Dubai has a whole penguin experience that my husband and I took part it which was just amazing - you get up close and personal with the penguins, which is pretty incredible.

Also there’s great beaches, there’s Legoland, wonderful theme parks - it really is a fantasy land for kids!

How would you define Dubai style? What would you pack for your Dubai vacation?

I think women here have great style and they love fashion, so we have that in common. I’m excited to get out and see the nightlife and see how people dress there and notice what some of the trends are. Women here have a great sense of style and great appreciation of fashion.

Anything goes, as long as it’s classy and sophisticated. That’s the way I like to dress and that definitely resonates here. Women here have great taste and you’ll see a lot of very chic women walking around in fabulous fashion, so do dress to impress.

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