Dubai Gold and Diamond Park

The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park caters to the special needs of the gold and jewellery industry

The Gold and Diamond Park, located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the arterial thoroughfare running through Dubai, has a facility of 90 leading retailers, and recently launched another expansion offering 118 manufacturing blocks, and commercial space for over 350 offices. The set-up here includes workshop areas complete with amenities designed for the requirements of jewellers.

Here is a snapshot of incentives of doing business here:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits 
  • No corporate taxes
  • No income tax
  • Strategic location in the heart of Dubai with easy access
  • 24/7 operational freedom
  • Hiring of expatriate workers
  • Central air conditioning plant connections to each unit
  • Central gas distribution system to each unit
  • Purpose-built work environment with proper ventilation systems, exhaust facilities and provision of acid disposal waste collection
  • 24/7 security personnel and video surveillance, fire alarms and fire defense systems
  • Hallmarking will soon be provided by the Dubai Municipality’s regular pickup services for all gold manufactured and sold from the Gold and Diamond Park
  • Excellent retail center facilities and atmosphere, serving tourists and shoppers
  • Shuttle transport to and from the Gold and Diamond Park and surrounding five-star hotels

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