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Dubai Association Centre


The Dubai Association Centre is a gateway to the world’s fastest growing economies – offering an ideal setting for global associations to expand within industries across the Middle East and beyond.

The Dubai Association Centre (DAC) has been established by Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Department for Tourism and Commerce Marketing and Dubai World Trade Centre to offer assistance for the establishment of non-profit, apolitical and nonreligious professional associations and trade bodies in the Emirate of Dubai.

Over the past two decades, Dubai has become the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia headquarters for many multinational organisations – and consequently a growing number of international associations have come together in the Emirate to meet, exchange knowledge and network.

DAC offers a formal environment for associations to establish in Dubai allowing practitioners within a common industry or profession who are registered in the Emirate to form a member-based association. Furthermore, DAC provides the framework for international associations to open a regional representative office in Dubai in order to conduct business in the UAE and beyond.

As a result, associations are now able to benefit from economies of scale, experience in the association marketplace, flexibility and adaptability, buying power and centralised facilities of the Dubai Association Centre.

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