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A healthy US$71.3 Billion industry by 2020

A healthy US$71.3 Billion industry by 2020

Due to its world-class infrastructure and excellent healthcare services, Dubai has become the hub for medical tourism in the Middle East. Among many best-in-class hospitals and clinics, Dubai is also home to the world's largest medical free zone, Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). The development boasts 160 clinical partners including hospitals, outpatient medical centres and diagnostic laboratories across 150+ specialties with licensed professionals from almost 90 countries. Chief among them are the Johns Hopkins-associated hospital Clemenceau Medical Centre and Moorfields London.

  • Fact-A

    Average of US$1,200

    The UAE is in the world’s Top 20 in healthcare spending per capita

  • Fact-B-healthcare

    US$1.08 Billion

    Estimated value of the UAE's medical device market

  • Fact-C

    US$19.5 Billion

    The anticipated value of the UAE healthcare market by 2020

  • Fact-Dhealthcare

    US$708 Million

    The annual revenue goal Dubai is aiming to achieve from medical tourism by 2020

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