Dubai Parks works on future connectivity

Dubai Parks works on future connectivity

23 May, 2015


The extension of the Dubai Metro network services to the in-development Dubai Parks and Resorts (DPR) destination is still being worked on, according to a top official with the theme park company. The project is fully on track for an October 2016 opening date, with work on all three of the park’s attractions progressing apace, he added. The developer is forecasting 5.2 million visitors a year initially, with each visitor expected to spend an average of seven hours at each theme park. This translates into 6.7 million “visitations”, which is when a visitor could use his visit to take in more than one of the parks. As per current estimates, the destination’s facilities can “handle double the number of the expected “visitations” and can always extend working hours during public holidays and special occasions such as during Eid,” the official said.

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