Pi.Dubai Adds Italian Flavour To Uae Food Scene

Pi.Dubai Adds Italian Flavour To Uae Food Scene

01 September, 2015


It’s September, which in Dubai means lots of new restaurants to tempt your palate — most of them international offerings from the US or UK.

While no restaurant lover would complain about the presence of Gordon Ramsay or Bistrot Bagatelle, how is our food scene to really mature if local entrepreneurs don’t get to join in the fun?

That’s why the opening of Pi.Dubai last month is so interesting. It’s not just that it’s a new restaurant by Dubai-based restaurateurs (go to JLT — it’s packed with them). It’s that Pi.Dubai is a fairly high-profile opening — at The Dubai Mall’s lower ground floor, a strip of restaurants that includes big players such as Texas Roadhouse, PF Chang’s and Hummingbird Bakery.

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