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Emirati Tour Guide

Support And Training Programmes For UAE Nationals

Our Emirati tour guide programme is a joint initiative between the Dubai College of Tourism (DCT), the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), and the Department of Economic Development (DED). The programme has been designed for UAE Nationals residing in the city. It is free of charge and offers Emiratis the opportunity to become a licensed Dubai tour guide.

Who should register?

  • Emiratis interested in starting a business in tourism (including part-time opportunity seekers)
  • People with a passion for Dubai's heritage, culture, history, gastronomy, architecture, astronomy and landscape.

How will you benefit from the programme?

  • You’ll receive tour guide training and certification, including language training,
  • You’ll get help with content and tour development assistance,
  • You’ll learn how to establish an official licensed tourism company,
  • You’ll gain access to Dubai Tourism travel agents, tour operators and other entities within Dubai Tourism's network, and
  • If you’re a Dubai-based UAE National you’ll get access to Dubai SME assistance funds.

What does it take to become a Tour Guide?

You can earn the right to be an official tour guide in Dubai by successfully completing the ten-day Dubai Tour Guide Programme. The in-depth course covers:

  • General information about Dubai including geography, culture and heritage, economy, and key organisations,
  • Organisation and control of groups to include planning and preparation, time management, assertiveness and emergency management,
  • Presentation skills to include language and cultural issues, communications techniques, active listening and complaint management, and
  • First Aid preparedness, which provides the necessary skills to manage everyday incidents.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • High school certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Passport or Emirates ID
  • Language test
  • Personal photo

For UAE Nationals:

  • The Tour Guide Programme is free of charge for Emiratis residing in Dubai
  • Upon successful completion of this programme, Emiratis residing in Dubai are eligible for an Intalaq Licence

What is Intalaq?

  • An Intalaq Licence Company can only be established by Emiratis residing in Dubai
  • It covers a home-based business that can accommodate nearly any type of profession, trade or artisan business
  • The established business must not harm the environment or health of any person and should not generate noise or other irritants that could negatively impact the neighbours. It can take the following legal forms: Sole Establishment, LLC, Civil Company or Partnership
  • Each individual may have only one trade or professional Intalaq Licence but can operate more than one related activity under the licence
  • Intalaq Licence holders cannot sponsor employees or hire staff, but can engage with contractors.

How to register for this course?