Salma Soleiman

Salma Soleiman

Salma Soleiman was born in Cairo, but grew up in Tunisia with her family. There, Salma became acquainted with the many exciting flavours and methods of cooking due to the diversity of her friendships and her longstanding passion for cooking. Fearlessly dedicated to trying new things and travelling the world, Salma savoured the flavours of the region and continued to sharpen her culinary chops in her youth. 

However, what seemed like a clear path to culinary stardom veered unexpectedly when she enrolled in medical school. Salma then spent a lot of time studying and working until she got her master's degree. After having a family or her own, with three young children, Salma’s medical dream felt increasingly unattainable. However, this created the perfect backdrop for her latent passion for cooking to blossom yet again. She began to practise her cooking more seriously and collect recipes, yearning to be the professional in the kitchen she always considered her own mother to be. Thus, Salma began to tutor herself using books, the internet and her mother's tips. Eventually, her own special touch grew to its recognisable flourish today. She continues to spread joy through food and hopes to inspire people not to fear the kitchen.

She is the host of 'From Egypt,' 'Salma Fi Al Beit' and 'On a Budget' shows that are aired on Fatafeat channel.

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