Daad Abu Jaber

Daad Abu Jaber

Daad Abu Jaber began her path toward the celebrity kitchen in the most unexpected of ways. Armed with a degree in economics and business administration, she went on to work in banking, insurance and social research, all whilst harbouring a passion for cooking since her childhood. As this passion for the culinary arts developed, she sharpened her skills through practice, research and travel. Her mother acted as her primary tutor during this time. Daad demonstrated a natural talent and distinguished herself with her own recipes. She pursued cooking full-time, and issued her best first cook book 'Ala Maeidat Daad,' focussing on Jordanian recipes. 

Daad is happily married to Khaled Abu Jaber and a mother of three beautiful children: two boys and a girl. She is currently the host of 'Ahla Jamaa,' 'Teslam Al Ayadi' and 'Fatafeat Magazine Show.'
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